Storage Tips for Seniors

Independent seniors may see an older person in the mirror, but inside they may still feel like they’re in their adolescence. This encourages them to make it on their own, not wanting to sell a house they’ve had for years in favor of some retirement facility. However, seniors should still consider ways to keep their home as safe for them as possible. This includes something as simple as how you handle storing your belongings. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to upgrade your storage capabilities.

1. Reduce clutter at home

Reduce clutter at home

You may have found that your items are piling up in your house, and one of the quickest fixes for this is a self-storage facility. You may want to find storage units that will take some of your precious valuables and keep them safe, under round-the-clock surveillance and 24-hour access. Storage units can range in a variety of sizes, even allowing for vehicle storage in facilities with climate control capabilities. You can consult with a storage company regarding rental fees, and get an idea of what some storage facilities have to offer.

When deciding what you wish to put in your storage unit, consider what you have in your household that you’re not using regularly, but has some value long-term for your families. This can include important documents and legacy belongings. Extra space storage is sensible to have when you take into account the amenities that are offered for a monthly rent. You’ll notice more space at home where they have been clutter blocking up entryways, steps, and other access points, reducing risks of any possibility of tripping and falling.

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2. Consider your range of movement

Consider your range of movement

Some experts recommend that seniors consult with their primary care provider to assess their range of motions. This will allow for homeowners to consider storage space throughout their household. It’s recommended that for ease of use, stored items be raised to waist height, with no items being lower than the upper thigh to avoid constantly bending offer. Healthcare providers also suggest lighting dark areas like stairways or cellars to avoid accidental falls.

With age comes a greater need to focus on personal health. While the COVID-19 pandemic stalled access to doctors in person, professional services were still able to be rendered online. Be sure to consult reviews for online Healthcare services to determine what medical providers can still accomplish for you from afar. With standard health information provided, telemedicine helps to assure patient satisfaction for a variety of health services. This ranges from medical consultations to mental health and cognitive behavior therapy, with online care doesn’t sacrifice the quality of care. This can allow for an understanding of health care even when you can return to in-person visits.

3. Don’t rule out downsizing

Don't rule out downsizing

When the kids have left the nest, some people opt to downsize, looking for a smaller home that best fits their current needs. An assessment of your current living situation may make moving an option worth considering. If you go this route, start early in evaluating your belongings. You can start small, going through a storage space in the home with little emotional attachment, before building up to rooms with more memories. This will afford you time to reminisce and still continue the moving process. This can also make for a bonding moment for you and your loved ones.

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Be sure to get rid of any duplicates of products you have, and don’t hesitate to sell any belongings that you feel may not be needed when you make the trip. If you have your doubts about getting rid of certain things, there’s always the safety net of a storage unit.


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