Top 8 Beautiful & Small Gift Plants To Order Online

Plants are known for energy vibes in living spaces, whether it’s outdoors or indoors. From enhancing nature’s beauty which speaks about positivity and a healthy environment, plants act as a gift of happiness. Different small plants are used for different purposes like medicinal, Indian mythological, sweeping out negativeness, and more. Some are considered air purifiers and money-makers, and of course, they do not take anything in return. These plants are easily available at your local plant nursery, or you are just a click away from shopping for your favorite plant from an online nursery.

So, are you searching for a beautiful and small gift for your loved ones or wishing to decorate your home indoors with plants? If yes, then the below listed botanical beauties with unique characteristics are best to choose from. Here are some best examples of beautiful plants to enhance the beauty of nature other than just pretty flowers to your loved ones.

Enough it’s saying, now let’s dive into the world of greenery with healthy and beautiful small plant options to spread the healthy air all around.

1] Milt Sansevieria Plant In Round Thali Terrariums

Milt Sansevieria plant with round thali terrariums and a buddha is among the best air-purifying indoor or outdoor plants to choose from. It is placed in a round glass vase which looks attractive. 

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Milt Sansevieria plant is known for filtering out formaldehyde which further helps in cleaning products,  toilet papers, personal care products, etc.

2] Aloe Vera Plant In Marbled Cork Pot

Aloe vera is considered a medicinal plant with many features. It helps to cure skin-related problems, stomach, hair fall, etc. This is one of the popular indoor plants which comes in a unique cork pot.

Aloe vera enhances the natural elegance of any space. Also, the pot has a hexagonal shape with a green and white marbled pattern which compliments the nature of aloe vera. The best part of this plant is that it is easy to care for, so you can even gift it to someone who is a nature lover.

3] Jade And Money Plant With Wooden Base Terrariums

Jade and money plants come from the succulent type, which easily fit into your home garden or inside the living room. As it originates from South Africa, it can be easily found in high-temperate areas all over the world today.

You just need to care for the plants by keeping them moist all the time and avoiding placing them in direct sunlight. You need not keep in water all the time and avoid excessively wetting plant leaves.

4] Pretty Green In Self Watering Plant

If you are going for a healthy addition with an air-purifying nature in your living space, then Ficus Compacta is one to choose from. It is a bonsai-type plant that looks attractive and gives positive vibes.

The specialty of the pretty plant is that it is self-watering means even if you are outside due to a hectic life, you don’t need to worry about caring for the pretty green plant. Also, it can fit into your living garden and spread the joy of happiness.

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5] Chamaedorea Plant In Rangoli Art Pot

When you want to give traditional art and add cultural flair to your home or office, then a chamaedorea plant in a rangoli art pot is one of the best choices to go with. It helps to purify the air inside the living room or your favorite garden, as it is among the list of top plants for the indoors that clean the air.

The healthy chamaedorea plant is known for its beautiful green fronds and ability to thrive in low-light environments. The combination of wooden base plates makes a beautiful contrast of textures that complement the decor. 

6] Syngonium Plant In Thank You Mom Squares

Every mom is special to everyone. If you want to surprise your mother with a plant gift, then the Syngonium plant in Thank You Mom squares is one of your choices.

It is said that the arrowheaded point owing to its interesting arrow-shaped leaves helps to remove stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. If your mother is working for any corporation, then this would be a great idea to gift her. So, give her the gift of being stress-free so that positivity should always strike her head.

7] Bamboo Plant 

Bamboo plants are considered to bring love and double the luck factor to your family or loved ones. When it is set up in the corner of a home or office, it gives good fortune, prosperity, and positive energy. 

The decorative marbles, pebbles, and shells in a pot attract the beauty of nature. It is easily available on online plant shopping sites at an affordable price.

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8] Classic Syngonium Plants

Classic syngonium plants are also the best plants that you can choose to gift your love. This plant is known for its air-purifying properties. It is kept in a medium-light location or out of direct sunlight. Even by not overwatering regularly but keeping the soil moist all the time, it can survive for a long time. So, give your partner the post-care tips if you are going to surprise him/ her with this beautiful classic syngonium plant.


With these greenery wonders of the world, give the gift of prosperity, nature love, and a healthy and wealthy lifestyle to your dearest one. Due to inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen, plants help to regulate the earth’s climate. Besides, plants are considered multitaskers as they not only purify the air but also heal our bodies and mind.

So, in concluding this article, online plant shopping is among the best choices of several gift ideas you can think of to give to your beloved. Think of greenery and go with nature and have a fresh mind, health, and surroundings by decorating your work or living place and gifting the plants to your loved ones.


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