Eye Pleasing Ideas for Christmas Tree Decorations 2020

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…!

Can you hear the bells ringing? Do you see the lights shining? Are you also super excited with the holiday season approaching? Of course, you are!

This year has already been such a low key. People are dying to make the most out of the number of days left in 2020. And with Christmas being around the corner, no one wants to settle with less. Everyone wants to meet and greet their family and friends, go out for shopping and leave no stone unturned in celebrating this holiday season at its fullest. The idea seems fascinating, but the pandemic has still not found its way out. But don’t you worry, and be happy as we are here with different statement-making ideas to decorate your Christmas trees for 2020.

So what are we waiting for? Lets deck the halls for the winter wonderland!

Decor Ideas for Christmas Tree

Getting into the holiday spirit is the easiest thing to do right now. No matter which culture you belong to or what your tradition is, no one can ever have a dull day in December. And in case you are having one, the best way to boost yourself up is by getting into your family Christmas tree decorations. This will keep you busy and productive.

Christmas tree decorations are the only decorations out of all that require a lot of time and efforts. So here are a few pocket friendly and easy to pull off decor ideas for your artificial and real Christmas tree.

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Golden Glow

You can never go wrong with gold Christmas tree decorations. Gold colour ornaments add shimmer and shine to the Christmas trees. Therefore it is always a good idea to glam up your Christmas tree with ornaments like Golden Cork Bellus, Orbis Globes and Disci Medallions.

Santa Claus Tree

Pay homage to the man in red by adding some red in your Christmas trees. Apart from being considered as one of the most luxury Christmas decorations, red on the green is always a classic combination to have. Adding red bows or tiny red Santa hats with golden ornaments on green trees also helps in boosting glitz.

Calm & White

If you are willing to create a cosy, calm and snowy wonderland, then go for whites. Christmas trees decorated in white are similar to flocked perfection. There can be no other decoration as calming and sophisticated as a Christmas tree decorated with white ornaments. You can go for ornaments like White Box Luxe with white or golden studs, Orbis Globes in platinum and Icicle Diamante to create this look.


A multi-coloured decor can include anything that adds colour to your Christmas tree. It can be either lots of pom poms to pump it up or multi-coloured candies hanging all over the trees. You can also go bold by creating a show stopper tree full of Christmas decoration ornaments with different sizes and colours. Such decoration helps to boost one’s mood and is mostly loved by kids.

Rustic Decor

Christmas trees that are rustic never go out of style. Decorate your Christmas trees with earth-tones ornaments to give it a rustic theme. You can also play around with the backgrounds and stuff by keeping the tree on the wooden flooring.

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Blooming Christmas Tree

The floral Christmas tree trend adds a perfect touch to the world’s favourite winter tree. With flowers all around it, the tree becomes more stylish and attractive. To add some squishy touch to your Christmas tree, you can go for ornaments like Liquidus Icicle Luxe and Icicle Diamantes.

So this was all that you need to know about Christmas tree decorations. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these details about the ornaments while you’re planning to decorate your Christmas tree.


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