Engineering & Robotics in School: The Role of PBL, Lego® Building Blocks

Since the introduction of STEM education, many schools and institutions across the country have changed the way students learn in a classroom. Technologies such as Lego® building blocks augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) has replaced big books, providing exciting and real-like scenarios to understand real-world problems and find solutions to them.   

Robotics and electronics have taken center stage in modern classrooms. Even in primary and high schools, teachers combine their traditional methods with Lego® compatible building blocks, project-based learning, and various other technologies to simulate real-world problems and teach students how to resolve them. 

Importance of Engineering & Robotics

Various kinds of technologies have become an integral part of society. With new inventions, there come new problems. Today, there are problems never seen before. Some of these issues cannot be discussed in a classroom and may require real-like situations to understand them. 

Instead of using conventional methods of teaching, instructors and teachers have been providing a hands-on learning environment through STEM-powered robotics models. They combine theoretical knowledge with sources that tell students how these problems have been affecting the real world and how they should be resolved.

STEM-powered engineered and robotics education promotes learning by doing. Rather than focusing only on theoretical knowledge, it takes students on virtual tours where they learn about real-world problems without leaving the classroom. Apart from that, they are provided with resources that teach them to solve problems. 

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Applications and modern technologies that are used in engineering and robotics are:

  • Lego® building blocks
  • Project-based learning
  • Coding to create a prototype

These technologies allow students to understand real-world problems and their nature. After that, they can view visuals through AR, VR technologies to learn how to find solutions to those problems. 

Electronics Kit for Kids for Engineering & Robotics

Schools and institutions can use electronics kits designed by industry experts to include new robotics models in their teaching modules to provide students with study materials that take them to problems in the real world and look for solutions. 

An electronics kit includes modern technologies and applications that are designed to make learning fun for students. These are kits that teach students project-based learning through various kinds of applications, such as:  

  • Electronic building blocks
  • Guided projects on real-world applications 
  • Training solutions

These solutions encourage project-based learning, where students are provided with step-by-step guides to build prototypes, understand the use of different components, and learn how each application can solve a problem in the real world. 

Incorporating Electronics Kit in Teaching Modules

The electronics kit for kids includes various kinds of resources and tools to help students create prototypes for real-world problems. Teachers can combine such a kit with their existing teaching methods to let students spot the core of a problem and learn how to resolve it in the most effective way. 

Different modern technologies of engineering & robotics in schools can prepare engineers and researchers of tomorrow to quickly resolve problems in the real world. 

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