As Muslims, we have to believe in the oneness of Allah (SWT) and follow the teaching of Islam. However, most of us find it difficult to convey in the path of Islam. It’s mainly because of the everyday work life and other things that distinguish us from everyday Islamic routine. 

It’s completely normal and most of our Muslim brothers and sisters are living a life like this. However, one should not distinguish itself from the teaching of Islam.

He has succeeded who purifies himself, who remembers the name of his Lord and prays.” (Surah Al-A’la 87:14-15)

But what does Purification mean? How can one purify his heart with the remembrance of Allah? It’s simple, a pure heart loves and follows the teaching of Allah (SWT). The pure ones are those who clean themselves from all the bad things that Islam restricts. Other traits like Honesty, Kindness, and patience is what defines our heart. There are a lot of other great things that you will learn once you understand the meaning of the Quran. One can learn the Quran from any digital media platform or online from Learn Quran Kids.

Below is a list of 10 ways that you can follow to purify your heart with the remembrance of Allah (SWT).

  • Offer 5 Times Prayer

The first and foremost thing is to offer 5 times prayers. This is the closest thing to reach the purification and gain immerse blessings of the Almighty. It is one of the dearest things you can do as a Muslim. In fact, it’s Farz (compulsory) in Islam. Whatever life circumstance you have, don’t forget to offer 5-time prayers. 

  • Daily Recite the Holy Book Quran
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By reciting it means understanding the Quran, not just reading it. Try to find an authentic published translation of the Holy Quran. Read it on daily basis and try to understand the narrative. Sure, we all have read the original Arabic version of the Quran. However, understand the narrative in our mother language will help us better understand the teaching of Islam. 

  • Recite the Dearest Phrases to Allah

There are four dearest phrases to Allah (SWT)

  • Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah)
  • Al-Hamdulillah (Praise be to Allah)
  • La ilaha illa-Allah (There is no deity but Allah)
  • Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greater)

Try to make a habit of reciting the Quran the following 4 phrases in your daily life. You will automatically feel touched from the inside.

  • Seek Allah Forgiveness

We Muslims are prone to making errors in our life. Allah (SWT) is the most merciful and on numerous occasions mentioned to seek forgiveness. Seek Allah Forgiveness by reciting ‘Astaghfirullah’ daily. This simple phrase will purify your heart and condemn you from sinning. 

  • Call on Allah by different names

There are 99 names of Allah, each having different meanings and origins. Try to remember most of the names in your everyday life routine. 

“And the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them” (Quran 7:180).

While some names are in the Quran, others are in the Hadith. Different sources give a list of 99 names.

  • Make Supplication (Dua)

Supplication is one of the best ways to bring us closer to the Almighty. Although it is recommended to make Dua after your every prayer, you can also do this throughout the day. As the Prophet (PBUH) said, “The Dua is Worship”. There are different supplications available in Quran and Hadith for every life situation. 

  • Send Salawat upon the Prophet (PBUH)
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The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is one of the dearests to Allah (SWT). The Almighty himself sends his blessing to the Prophet (PBUH) and asks his angels to do the same. One of the best ways to please the Almighty is to send Salawat to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

O you who believe! Send you blessings on him, and salute him with all respect” (Quran 33:56).

  • Think Positive Thoughts

One of the best ways to purify your heart is to always think of positive thoughts. Whenever you have negativity in your mind, it leads to more consciousness. Having a positive mind is the step further you can have as being a good Muslim. Not only this, you should also suggest others to do the same thing. 

  • Express Gratitude

Always thank Allah (SWT) for the things you have in your life. Just wait for a second and look around yourself. Think of all the little pieces you can find and imagine how they are connected to complete itself. How everything works is a miracle of its own. Once you thank Allah for having just as simple as having morning breakfast, you will surely have the Almighty blessing for a lifetime. 

  •  Do Good Deeds

Finally, you should do good deeds for others. The Muslim community is all about sharing and caring. If you care for someone in need, Allah (SWT) will automatically care for you without your notice. 

There are tons of things that you can include in this point like giving charity (Alms), helping others in need, investing your time for someone, and more. 

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We hope that you’ve learned the significance of purifying your soul. Remember the following 10 points and make a habit of repeating it on daily basis. May Allah (SWT) shower his blessing on all of us. Ameen!

Allah does not wish to impose hardship upon you. Rather, He wishes to purify you; and to complete His blessings upon you; and in order that you may be thankful.” (end of verse 5:6)


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