Pursuing medicine is a dream for many, but very few havethe acumen to make it to some top medical schools in the world. Due to the stiff competition and low acceptance rates, many medical aspirants must give up on their dreams. However, a large chunk of students cracks medical entrance examinations with their zeal and hard work. But the cost of medical school is another hindrance in the path of aspiring medical graduates. Therefore, it is important to consider medical school fees while applying for medical school.

Medicine is one of the costliest education programs in the world. That is not all. The cost of studying medicine often leads to debts. Apart from tuition fees, there are several additional charges that increase the burden on the students’ shoulders. Clinical liability insurance, deferment fee, review fee, non-refundable administrative fee, shelf exam fee, student activity fee and transcript request fee are some mandatory charges besides tuition fees.

Therefore, medical colleges in the Caribbean aim to provide financial aid and scholarships to aspiring medical students to lessen their burden. In addition, Caribbean medical schools also offer withdrawal or refund policies to those students who have already enrolled in some career programs and later changed their minds.

Why should I study medicine in Caribbean medical schools?

Top Caribbean medical schools are gaining popularityfor providing cost-effective tuition to international students. These medical schools also allow aspiring medical students to take advantage of various public and private options to help finance their medical education. Students can also avail a range of scholarships provided by these medical schools in the Caribbean to empower their academics by removing the financial barrier.

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Canadian Loyalty Scholarship and Canadian Merit Scholarship are among some prominent scholarship programs offered to medical aspirants in the Caribbean.In addition, students can also benefit from various insurances provided by medical schools, such as student health insurance, medical evaluation, and repatriation insurance and liability insurance.

An insight into the Caribbean medical school costs

Pursuing medical programs in the Caribbean is a better return on investment as the internationally recognized degree help students practice medicine in the United States. So, let us take a quick look at the tuition and other fees of the leading medical schools in the Caribbean.

Enrolling in the MD program Basic Science costs approximately $16,825 per semester for matriculants on or before the May semester. In comparison, it costs around $19,950 for matriculants on or after the September semester.Furthermore, per semester tuition fee for MD program clinical medicine is $21,600 for matriculants on or before the May semester. On the other hand, it costs approximately $24,350 per semester for pursuing MD program clinical medicine for matriculants on or after the September semester.

In addition, some top Caribbean medical schools provide fully equipped dormitories to unaccompanied medical students of the first semester at a very affordable rate. So, enroll in the medical programs in the Caribbean to be carefree from the medical education costs.

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