Unlike regular sneakers, basketball shoes are designed with a focus on performance capability. The perfect basketball shoes are a mixture of comfort and fashion with maximum performance competence. Before purchasing your basketball shoes, you need to understand your playing style. 

Having underequipped shoes can limit performance, and you certainly do not want that. That is why we have gathered a list of essential tips that you need to purchase good-quality basketball shoes. 

These tips are also helpful if you have a business for wholesale basketball shoes. It will enable you to buy high-quality basketball shoes from an online wholesale marketplace.

Let’s check the tips and guideline for buying basketball shoes below:

  • The Top Part of Basketball Shoes

One of the most important things to consider while buying basketball shoes is to check the upper part of the shoes’ height. The upper part’s height can be low, middle, or high. All these heights serve different purposes.

  • The basketball shoes with a high upper part wrap around your ankle to provide extra support and stability. 
  • The shoes with the middle-upper part provide increased flexibility along with support to your ankles.
  • A low-height basketball shoe is best for speed and agility. However, it does not provide much support to your ankles.


  • The Midsole of Basketball Shoes

The midsole of basketball shoes consists of the shoe’s cushioning. You need to check the basketball shoes’ cushioning as it plays an important role in the shoes’ ability to perform. 

You should try to buy basketball shoes that have EVA foam cushioning. That is because EVA foam is lightweight, sturdy, and highly durable. This cushioning material is also water-resistant and can last for many years.

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  • The Outer Part of the Shoes

The outer part of basketball shoes is often made with rubber or synthetic material. It is important to purchase basketball shoes with a perfect outer part as it determines the traction point. You should buy shoes with a flat and wide outsole to have the maximum balance. 

An outsole with a hexagonal or herringbone pattern will provide maximum grip to your feet. If you plan to play basketball on the outside court, then you should get shoes with a thick outsole.


  • How Secure are the Basketball Shoes?

It is important for you to have a pair of basketball shoes that provides maximum security to your feet. Basketball players prefer shoes with laces instead of ones with zippers or straps. 

That is because fitted laces provide more security to your feet and protect them from injuries. It provides peace of mind to the players that their shoes are secured.


  • Choose the Right Size

Having a perfectly fitted pair of basketball shoes cannot be stressed enough. You can measure your feet with a ruler or a measuring tape to have the accurate shoes’ size. The following are some guidelines to measure your feet correctly:

  • You should check the size of your feet with the socks on.
  • It would be better if you measure your feet while you are standing.
  • You should get your feet measurement in the evening as the feet often swell up in the daytime.
  • If you are confused between two sizes, then you should select the shoes with a higher size.
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  • Take Your Position into Consideration

Your choice of basketball shoes should relate to your position on the basketball court. That is because certain types of basketball shoes can affect your performance. for instance; 

If you play a wide range of basketball positions, you should select basketball shoes with the middle-upper part. That is because mid-top basketball shoes are perfect for hybrid basketball players and multi positions.

Whereas basketball shoes with a high-top are best if you are a forward. These types of shoes are known for providing extra support and coverage.


Final Thoughts

Having a perfect pair of basketball shoes is essential to perform to your full potential during the game. An inadequately made pair of sneakers can restrict your efficiency on the basketball court. You need to consider certain things before purchasing basketball shoes. We hope that the tips mentioned above will enable you to choose a good pair of shoes for your basketball game.


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