11 Handyman Measuring Hacks All DIYers Should Know in 2021

Being a DIYer while doing any DIY project it is important to do accurate measurements. However, sometimes it may be difficult to do measurements accurately. But, you can make it easy by following some hacks or tricks. Being a DIYer of 2021 you need to know how to provide checks to provide the best handyman services in Littleton CO.

Measure to mark

While measuring in tight spaces, using measuring tapes often involves bending the measuring tape. You should eliminate the tape completely by dry fitting. Other than that you can hold the piece in place and use a pencil to mark at the place where it needs to be cut. Generally, we draw a line to mark, but rather than a single line, it is better to make a V for marking.  Because the V helps to get a more accurate mark. This point gives you a precise location for the cut.

Use Pencil Lead to Mark Kerf Width

While working on a DIY project, we often use saw blades. For the thickness of the saw blade, there is a simple term that is kerf. If you want to make multiple accurate cuts on any project, it is important to know the width of your kerf.

For some instance, we may not figure out the reason for consistently short woodcuts, it might be because you forget to use a saw blade with a thickness of ⅛- inch. However, it is easy to remove this factor, only you have to trim the Carpenters pencil to the width of your saw blade. 


Story Pole

A story pole is one of the simplest and common instruments to find the height of any object to a certain height. This is just a simple rod-style instrument and one can easily measure by hand. Usually, this is used by the carpenters and brickmakers to cut down the exact measurements within the go. It is a time saver instrument in every way possible and one doesn’t need to rethink while measuring with this tool. This is a good tool for basic and geometrical measurements or cuttings.


Being a DIYer you should know the importance of handyman measuring hacks. In this way you can provide the best handyman service in a better way.

Circle Layout Tool

The circle layout tool is a true science-based tool, as one can easily understand the concepts of physics and mathematics while using it. This device contains a magnetic base in the center to give the perfect grip and weight while drawing. 


Meanwhile, a rod is attached with two different options. One is for grip while another pinhole is for placing a pen or pencil for drawing. This device helps to draw a perfect arc or circle every time. moreover, quite helpful while working on geometrical designs

Hand Measuring

Hand-measuring is one of the ancient methods to measure anything. but for this technique, you need to understand the concepts of hand measuring. As every person has different hand lengths and dimensions. The basic step is to find the length of your hand and for this, you need a measuring tape. after that measure, your hand from the fingertip to the forearm. 

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Once you get to know about the actual length then you can easily measure anything in the future by using hand-measuring techniques. Moreover, the normal length of an average hand is around 4 inches but this varies from person to person.


Water level measuring instrument is used in many works, in many ways and by different workers like mechanics, carpenters, laborers, and so on. The basic function of this device is to provide an accurate balance of anything, usually horizontal objects. One of the best examples of this device is while flooring. 

Moreover, this device is used to check the horizontal balance of the floor while maintaining a minor tilt for the water flow. Moreover, while installing ACs, the mechanic places this device to check the balance of the AC. Usually, this device is budget-friendly and one can benefit from this easily.

Custom Spacers

Custom spacers are made to make your work easy. Doing multiple measurements increases the chances for error. Spacers decrease the chances of error in tape measurements. They are very useful while installing tiles or deck boards. 

What’s in Your Wallet?

Things in your wallet can help you in measuring if you know their measurements. Let’s suppose, in the U.S dollar bills are exactly 6.14 inches. You can easily use it in your project while measuring. 

A Pint’s a Pound

“A Pint’s a Pound, the World Around” is an old expression. However, it is not exactly true but it can help you in enough for approximate measures. The weight of a pint of water is one pound while a gallon weighs 8 pounds. It can help you in some circumstances.

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Tape Measure Scribing Tool Hack

You may have noticed a hook on your measuring tape, it has an important purpose. You can use this hook as a scribing tool. Sometimes, we cannot find our Carpenters pencil, so you can use this hook to mark into the wood or other materials by simply pushing it.


In The U.S the sheet of standard paper measures 11 inches tall and 8-1/2 in width. You should use this as a ruler for your measurements because it is very cheap. You can fold it in any way and find your required measurements with accuracy.


In a nutshell, by using some simple hacks you can complete a DIY project easily and with more accuracy. Being a DIYer you should know how to make your task simple and how to complete it before time. However, these hacks will also help you when some of your tools are missing.


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