Choosing the right wood for your DIY project

It can be exciting when inspiration strikes and you’re planning your next DIY project, but understanding what materials are the best to use can be tricky. Without prior knowledge, your DIY project that seemed so easy could quickly turn into a disaster.

This is particularly true for wood. Wood materials all have different strengths, styles and characteristics, which make them more suitable for certain jobs. This guide should help you understand how to choose the right wood material for your project, so you’re not left disappointed. Making sure you have the right tools is also essential for a brilliant outcome. Make sure you find your self a good table saw for your project.


Plywood is a common material used for DIY projects, but there are several different options available, depending on the use. For example, marine plywood is coated with a waterproof and boil-proof layer, making it perfect for kitchen or bathroom renovations. Plywood can be painted in just about any colour too, so get started on your mood board now.

Birch plywood, on the other hand, is great for other interior projects such as furniture making, shelves and other joinery. It is furniture-grade plywood, making it perfect for cabinets, desks, chairs or even for creating an island in the kitchen. Dreamy. You can get quotes for plywood and many other wood types at


MDF has always been popular for DIY, but the new popularity in panelling has brought a whole new life to this strong and easy-to-use material. MDF is popular because of its smooth surface and because it is easy to machine. The density of the fibreboard means it can be drilled, nailed and cut without chipping or splintering.

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MDF is incredibly cost-effective and can usually be bought cut to size in any shaped needed.


Veneers are available in a huge range of wood finishes – from cherry to oak to maple – and come in way cheaper than the real deal. Typically backed with MDF or plywood, veneers have a great finish to them that can add luxury and elegance to any DIY project at a fraction of the cost.


Melamine is another way to get an amazing finish without a large price tag. Usually backed with MDF and particleboard, melamine can be used for surfaces within the kitchen, bathroom and workspace. They also work as a durable option for bar fronts, work stations and furniture. Typically, melamine comes in white or black glossy finishes, but more colours are available due to its increasing popularity.

Particle Board

Particleboard – or chipboard – can be used for a variety of internal uses, but not for areas that are damp or moisture-attracting. Particleboard is becoming a popular choice for flooring foundations, as it is cost-effective, easy to lay and durable for feet and wheel traffic.

For more general purposes, particleboard is sold with moisture-resistant coating.

If you’re ready to dive into your next project, make sure you consider all your material options. MDF is a great standard option, but there are plenty of other cost-efficient choices that might work better. You can find out more by visiting a specialist and having different materials quoted to size.

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