Glass Bongs

Before the boom in the cannabis market, buying a glass bong was a simple task. However, today, with the developing interest in the cannabis industry, many brands and products are flooding the market. It can be a bit tricky to choose the best among them.

There are hundreds of combinations to choose from models like Roor Mini Bongs to the products featuring different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Though having many options is great, it can be overwhelming at the time of buying.

So how do you figure out which glass bong is right for you?

Type of the Glass

Different types of glasses have different characteristics. The quality of the glass bong that you get plays an essential part in altering your smoking experience.

There are many bongs made out of cheap materials sold for a smaller price. But most of these models fail to offer longevity, a good experience, and quality in the long run. Models like Roor mini bongs are made of exceptionally functional and high-quality glass, which is similar to Borosilicate and offers many advantages.

Look for glass bongs made of high-quality imported glass or Borosilicate glass, which has undergone the annealing procedure. Annealing usually strengthens the glass, enhancing its quality. If the bongs have micro fractures around their body, it may weaken the structure and break down sooner.

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Check the type of glass, its quality, whether it is in good condition without any cracks or fractures before buying it.

Shape of the Bong

You will find bongs in different shapes in the market. Choosing a particular shape depends on your personal needs. Where will you use it? How often will you use the bong? Do you carry it around much?

Some of the popular shapes are:

1. Beakers

Glass bongs shaped like beakers resemble the Erlenmeyer flasks that you would have used in your Chemistry class. The beaker’s base can be square or round, and they typically have a 45-degree down stem.

2. Straight Tube

Straight tubes are the basic bongs that are used by most of the population. They come with a cone, neck, and down stem-set at 45 or 90 degrees and a chamber.

If you are looking for variations in sizes, a straight tube is a perfect fit for you. You can choose models like Roor mini bongs, which are a few inches tall, to models which are several feet tall.

3. Bent Neck

This model comes with bent necks, which prevent the water from rising to the neck and entering your mouth while smoking. It works in the same mechanism as that of the beaker model.

4. Recyclers

If you are more inclined towards enjoying the aesthetic experience while smoking, you can go for recyclers. Recyclers have multiple glass chambers, and while smoking, the smoke will pass through these chambers before it reaches your mouth. Specific models can also filter the smoke twice through the water.


5. Size of the Bong

Just like the shape of the glass bong, choosing its size also depends on various subjective factors. Are you looking for large bongs that are 2 feet tall? Do you want to buy a bong which is suitable and safe for travel?

From pocket-sized, medium-sized to mammoth ones, you can pick a size you think will work for you. Some of the standard sizes in glass bongs are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Depending on your experience with bongs and your capacity, go for an 18mm bong which offers more pull than the 10 or 14mm ones.

If you are a rookie to the smoking business, you can start with small ones and gradually move on to different sizes depending on your usage. If you want to carry your bong along when you travel, choose a folding one or a portable model.

The Cost Factor

Generally, if you plan to buy a basic glass bong, you can expect to pay around $50 to $150. There are also many high-quality bongs made of imported glass in the market for under $100.

Any bong which costs higher than $100 can be considered to be of high-quality. If you do not want a tall bong or a glass bong with excessive percolation, then you will easily find glass bongs that are well within your budget range.

However, don’t forget that investing in a flimsy bong will soon lead you to replace it, costing you more money. Make sure to buy durable and reliable glass bongs which will serve for a long time without much wear.

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Before you buy the glass bong, make sure to examine the seller’s credibility.  Check the reviews of the products and reputation of the seller before you make a purchase.


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