5 Golfing Gadgets That Can Actually Improve Your Game

You tee off at the first hole, ready to beat your friends in a round of golf on a beautiful afternoon… Only to leave the course feeling disappointed in your game.

Any avid golfer knows the feeling. Sometimes it seems like no matter how much practice you put in, your game is still a bit off. Is there any way to fix it?

In today’s day and age, there are tons of new golfing gadgets on the market that claim to improve your game. Some can really help improve your golf skills. Others, though, are generally a waste of money.

Continue reading to find out more about five golf gadgets that are worth the time and money.

1. Golfing Watch

On the higher end of the price and tech spectrum, a smartwatch meant for golfing is one of the best golf gadgets around. The Garmin Approach series is a favorite among golfers.

The watch’s screen lets you see its built-in GPS, which can tell you how far you are from the green, pin, water, and other obstacles on the course.

2. Laser Rangefinder

As far as cool golf gadgets go, a high-quality laser rangefinder, like the SkyCaddie SX500, can also really improve your game. While a traditional laser rangefinder measures distances to different target locations on the course, the SkyCaddie SX500 has GPS technology that lets you see a birdseye view of each hole. It also tells you the exact location of your ball.

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A laser rangefinder like this really makes use of advances in technology to help you play better than ever before. Read a detailed SkyCaddie SX500 Review.

3. Smart Putter

Interactive putters can really change how you understand your swing. TaylorMade creates some that are game-legal, so you can use it every time you’re on the course, not just for practice sessions.

The grip in interactive putters contains sensors. The sensors analyze your game as you play. You’ll be able to see things like your pace and movement when you putt by looking at your stats on a mobile app.

4. Training Net

A collapsible training net lets you practice your short-range shots at home. It can help you improve your lobs, pitches, chips, and running shots. Some more technologically advanced nets will automatically return your ball, too.

Collapsible nets are also great golf practice gadgets because they’re portable. You can bring it anywhere for extra practice.

When using a training net, you may want to invest in foam balls and a mat so that you can use the net inside. Some nets come with these.

5. Indoor Golf Simulator

If you have the space at home, an indoor golf simulator can really help you improve your swing. They usually come with a golf sim enclosure or nets to set up on either side, and a projection screen to mimick being outside.  The screen can withstand the force of the ball, and then show you where it would land on the course.

These kits are actually less expensive than you might initially guess, given the large size and the fact that they look a bit intimidating. But many are quite affordable.

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Improve Your Game With New Golfing Gadgets

Investing in a few new golfing gadgets can turn your game around in no time. Buying the right golf gadgets and accessories will have you playing like a pro.

Check out more of our health and fitness tips online to improve your game even more.


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