Should You Plan Your Wedding Around Your Period?

Most women are sensitive around the time of their period. And so, it is something worth considering when planning a wedding. Can you afford to plan your wedding around your period, or can’t you? A lot will go into determining this. Asides from the available dates for certain locations and the dates that you as a couple are available, there is also the question of if your cycle is regular enough that you can predict the timing to a tee. You should be well able to synchronize your wedding date predictor with your cycle, just the way you want to.

Trying to avoid periods on the wedding day can also be difficult due to the fact that all of the planning stress can affect your hormones and lead to your period being either late or early. So, while considering this aspect of your life, it is also worth considering how to reduce wedding planning stress. It is highly recommended to schedule your wedding on a date at least one week after your period so you are free to enjoy the wedding without thoughts for anything else. If this is unavoidable, then there is also the option to skip the period completely. However, not everyone is comfortable with this concept. Here are some points to consider with having your period on your wedding day.

a). Think about skipping it

With the help of your doctor, it is possible to reschedule your period. You can do this with the help of monophasic birth control pills. It’s easiest if you are already on the pill, and this can work with both the 28-day oral contraceptive (OC) pack and the 21-day OC pack.

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There is also the option of the NuvaRing to avoid periods on weddings without any fear of irregular periods after marriage. You can discuss with your doctor which option would be best for you, then leave it in the ring for four weeks before replacing it. 

b). Wedding period calculator

Not everyone will be open to skipping their period on account of their wedding. If this is you, then you can at least stay on top of things by keeping track of your period. With the right period calculator, you can avoid any surprises like signs you’re gonna start your period. As long as you know when it’s coming, you can adequately prepare for it. 

c). Try a menstrual disc

A new period product that can absolutely help with periods on your honeymoon or during your wedding, is the menstrual disc. They can be worn for up to 12 hours, so you won’t need to worry about changing it like you would with tampons or sanitary pads. They are comfortable and also great for mess-free sex during the honeymoon. 

d). Pack pain relievers

While considering what to avoid on your period, it is also good to consider what you should have. Period of not, it is important to have pain relievers in your bridal emergency kit. The right pain relievers can help dull sudden headaches, period cramps, backache, or any other PMS symptoms.

e). Pack back-ups

If your period will fall during your wedding and you do not plan on skipping it, then you need to pack one more thing – backups. Things like period panties, baby wipes, panty liners, tampons, pads, a hot water bottle, and even sweets, if they help. These should be packed in the bridal emergency kit as well. Just the thought of having them at hand will keep you at ease.

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f). Avoid certain foods

Whatever your kryptonite might be, caffeine, refined sugars, salty foods, or alcohol, avoid them around this time. Any drinks or foods that cause stomach irritation or water retention and can make period bloating worse, should be completely cut off.  Also avoid carbonated drinks, artificial sugars, sweetness, and refined flours if possible. 

g). Inform for Maid of Honor

Your MOH is there to assist and help you. So, if you know you’re going to spend the day a tax uncomfortable due to your period, she should be informed. You might need her to get you something or need help navigating your way to the bathroom. She can also help you avoid potential stains. Either way, do not keep this a secret from her. 

Having your period on the wedding day can make things a bit more uncomfortable than usual. However, marriage is long and this is part of everyday life. If you’re unable to skip your period or plan the wedding dates around it, then just take things in stride. With the right amount of planning, it won’t change much and will in no way douse your happiness or your celebration on your big day.

Author: Svitlana Yefimets

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