What are the Types of Flowering Plants?


Flowers are known to be majestic, royal and can add that little extra something to your garden like nothing else! Flowering plants can bring out excitement and color to your garden or even your home, and depending on what plants you grow, can become the object of envy and awe!


Growing flowering plants is not as hard as it seems, as long as you follow the instructions that come with the plant or seed. You can opt to purchase seeds and grow the plant yourself if you’ve got a trained thumb for such things. If you’re a beginner, you can always buy a mature plant and take care of it. 


Always research what type of plants you can grow with the space available to you, check instructions for how much sunlight the plant may need and other conditions, to properly place the flower bed. 


If you’re a beginner looking to add some flowers to your garden, here are a few easy types that take little to no effort! 


5 Types of Flowering Plants For Beginners


  • Begonia


Many flowers belong to the begonia genus, some of which are considered solely outdoor and some which make great indoor flowering plants. Wax Begonia, Angel-wing Begonia, and some others are extremely popular houseplants and are especially great for beginners. 


The above-mentioned types are shade-loving flowers that need little attention. All you have to do is water them regularly, allowing the soil to dry when adding fertilizer, once a month. Keep the plant away from frost and you’re all set! You’ll see a beautiful pot full of flowers in no time. 

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  • Hibiscus


Hibiscus plants are very popular and yield beautiful flowers. They are very attractive and quite easy to grow, making them a good contender. They come in various varieties and colors as well, giving you a wide array of options. They only require a few hours of sunlight every day, but keep in mind, it has to be direct. 


They typically bloom in the spring and fully bloomed flowers only stay alive for a few days before wilting. However, the plant itself can live for years. Ensure that you regularly water your plant in the summer and keep the soil moderately dry in the winters. 


  • Amaryllis


The amaryllis is a glorious flower that is very easy to grow. The bare bulbs of the flower are planted in the fall, and the flowers bloom in the dark days of winter! They come in several sizes and can be planted in pots or containers. 

Keep the plant in a bright spot with evenly moist soil. The blooming of the flower can be seen after six weeks and can last for over a month. You can also save the bulb and store it in a cool dry place for about 6 weeks. Then you can replant them and watch them bloom! 


  • Scented Geranium


Scented geranium plants are bright, colorful, and as the name suggests, give off a pleasant scent. They have varied textured leaves, bright-colored flowers, and one can easily make scented oils or add flavor to food and drinks! 


However, to grow these plants, a south or west-facing window that requires ample sunlight is required. The plant also needs moderate watering to grow well. 

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  • Peace Lilies


Lilies are one of the most popular indoor flowering plants around. Peace lilies are crowd pleasers as they are very easy to grow. They need little to no direct sunlight and little watering. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant to grow, set your eyes on the peace lily! 


This plant produces pretty white bracts and tiny flowers which flourish under the shade, and remove toxins from the air as well! 


These are 5 of the best indoor flowering plants to grow at your home, especially if you’re a beginner. So get going and add that springtime majesty to your house or garden! 


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