7 Cuisines You Must Relish in Melbourne

Food constitutes an important part of every culture around the world. The travel sector is estimated at $1.2 trillion, with food tourism accounting for a large portion of that. The kind of food that a place offers reveals its cultural history and the type of people living there. And if you want to get the real taste of the place, then step down from the swanky hotels as it’s time to get your hands dirty!

If you are exploring a new place, then trying the local cuisines and street foods is the best option. The local cuisines are extremely delicious to satisfy both your appetite and your cravings to try new things.

Here are seven of the most popular cuisines and street foods you’ll find in Melbourne that will tingle your taste buds!

1. Lamb and Cucumber

Your street food journey of Melbourne will be incomplete if you miss out on deliciously cooked lamb served with a dash of cucumbers. This place is famous all over the world for this cuisine. It not only serves delicious snacks but also has an array of tummy-fillers and meal-based items that will cater to all your hunger needs.

The stalls are open all the time, but you’ll start to feel how crowded it gets once evening falls. Most tourists prefer the evenings for a stroll and also to satiate some of their cravings.

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Location: Heston, Melbourne

Cuisine: Traditional

2. Ricotta Hotcakes

This local favorite of Melbourne will be enough for your sweet tooth cravings. These cakes are produced with a range of delectable ingredients and are a hot favorite among both the natives and tourists.

You will be shocked to have a burst of flavors in your mouth with every bite. This dish also makes a very good pair with exotic wines.

Location: Top Paddock

Cuisine: Traditional

3. Baller Bucket

If you ask around while you’re in Melbourne, every local person will recommend this combo meal called Baller Bucket. The taste is out of the world but very authentic to the Australian spices. The juicy, tender chicken will melt in your mouth and will make you desire more!

The recipe contains all the needed flavors and will tell you a lot about the real, indigenous Australia. Trust me, once you have gotten a taste of this, you’re bound to come back for more.

Location: Belle’s Hot Chicken Place

Cuisine: Traditional and Western

4. One-piece double chili burger

The burger is not originally Australian cuisine, but you will be shocked by how tasty an Australian burger can be.

If you’re trying to find best restaurants in Melbourne, then One Plus Piece is definitely one of them. It is a beautiful blend of authentic Australian spices and thick Italian cheese, loaded with chicken and veggies.

When in Melbourne, this is a must-try for you, even if you’re not a big fan of spicy food. This will check all your expectations and completely satiate your burger cravings!

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Location: One Plus Piece

Cuisine: Italian and Traditional

5. Lasagne

You have tried the lasagna in your hometown, and now it’s time to try the one in Melbourne. The Boss Boots Cafe is famously known for the Lasagne, made with local cheese and spices that will fulfill all your hunger goals.

This place has a massive ten years of culinary experience and is quite an attraction for tourists and natives alike. Other than this, gourmet wiener rolls are a must-try in this food hub.

Location: Boss Boots Cafe

Cuisine: Italian

6. Fish Mackerel Dumplings

Studies say that dumplings, on average, are preferred by most people. And as far as street food is concerned, people are automatically drawn in to try out dumplings. In Melbourne, the authentic fish dumplings are famous for their impeccable taste and especially the sweet lime sauce that comes along with them.

With each bite, you’ll be amazed, and it’ll be a rollercoaster ride for your tastebuds! These dumplings come with an array of sauces and broths to try out, so you have a lot of options.

Location: Shandong mama

Cuisine: Traditional Seafood

7. Mango Sorbet

This is yet another meal on the roster that will gratify your sugary cravings. If you enjoy mangoes, then this is a must-try!

Location: Din Tai Fung

Cuisine: Traditional

Over to you…

Melbourne’s street foods are rich in flavor and will give you an insight into the city’s original roots. If you’re planning to visit Melbourne, make sure to check out these eateries to quench your street food cravings.

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