digital marketing

No matter the industry, digital marketing is a great way to reach an enormous audience in a fraction of the time that traditional methods take

For brands and companies to remain relevant, they must continually adapt to the times. When it comes to today’s environment, it is clear that the most effective marketing campaigns are digital and the highest grossing industries are utilizing strategies therein.

Whether through discounts, deals, promotional codes, or limited time offers, each of these sectors have stepped up to the plate, adjusting their business models in order to connect with mobile and desktop users in the internet age in which we live. Let us take a look at how they have done so.  


The entertainment industry has exploded into one of the best examples of effective digital marketing out there. You only need to look as far as YouTube or Netflix to see how the different companies have utilized various tactics to grow their consumer bases.

Video streaming giant YouTube, for example, has over 2 billion users worldwide and, with promotional ads continuing to pour money back into their services, it is not hard to see why. This is just one way in which the platform has revolutionized their product to fit the digital realm. On the other hand, Netflix grows their audience by offering personalized content through data informational systems which predict which shows viewers will enjoy, and which are supported by targeted email marketing as well as social media posts.

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Gaming and Betting 

Similarly, the biggest brands in today’s betting spheres are experts in digital marketing, with awareness of the importance of social networks and the knowledge of how to use them. Most platforms contain both a desktop and mobile version for their services, with an active presence on each. Also, as online sportsbooks expand in the greater part of the United States, providers are giving new users the opportunity to receive sign up bonuses that feature various discounts.

One such example is the DraftKings promo code which welcomes fans to the virtual experience. Additionally, in the gaming world, the hype that surrounded the new PS5 launch last year is further proof that Microsoft hit the ball out of the digital marketing park. Although these are only a few examples, they demonstrate the way in which this ever-growing sector is staying one step ahead of their game, literally.

E-commerce Fashion  

The retail industry is perhaps the one with the most experience in digital marketing since they entered the virtual world with the dawn of the internet. However, they are also the ones with a massive amount of competition coming from every angle, as nowadays shopping online has become completely mainstream.

With that being said, new marketing strategies are popping up everyday from genius minds in the retail sector. Everything from shopping cart abandonment promotions, to branded hashtags and targeted emails have entered the scene in an effort to seal the deal with customers.

Nowadays, online shopping brands use a digital strategy called “shopping cart abandonment” in order to recover potentially lost sales

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Food and Beverage 

The food and beverage industry is another great example of businesses which have employed effective marketing tactics using digital resources. Nowadays almost every restaurant has a website where their products are clearly displayed for hungry viewers. Especially with the recent explosion of takeaway and to-go meals, this is almost a must-have for any aspiring culinary business owner looking to start their own brand.  

The industry is also well-versed in social media, with both small eateries and big chains having an appealing presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This is extremely important since the best way to make people want to buy your food is to make it look good in photos. Those locations that are investing in their visual content are undoubtedly receiving more traction than those who are not. After all, with so many good food places out there, these establishments must do everything they can to differentiate themselves from their competition.


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