“Everything can be achieved, if only you put your heart and soul into it”

It is very plausible to run out of motivation, but to conquer that lacking, depends completely on the one who is willing to make a change. It is also the attitude one carries, which brings good results to the table. Believing is doing. Therefore, no task is impossible to complete. If you believe it, you can do it,

No matter how difficult a dissertation looks from far away, when you start to break it down to small portions, it is not as hard as it seems. Some students also go online and search for “write my dissertation services” when days get rough. This is actually a smart approach for clocked up students.

Another approach could be to look into things that can demotivate you from writing your dissertation. There are quite few of them that can come to a student’s mind.

  • If your topic is dry and unappealing, you can lose interest immediately. This is a nightmare for any student.
  • You don’t have that “writer’s confidence”. If you hesitant to prove your dissertation study then you wouldn’t be able to continue with your written material. Let’s not do that. Confidence is key.
  • Devil doesn’t wear Prada, devil wears a mask called “Procrastination”.
  • Not believing in your investment.
  • Overwhelmed by the load, can also demotivate you.

Tips for high motivation

Like there is a key to every lock, there are ways to finish your dissertation within the deadline. All you need is a little motivation and here are the ways you can use to keep your enthusiasm high for your upcoming dissertation submission:

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Find that perfect spot

Much like Sheldon Cooper picking his spot for eternity. Do pick a writing spot for yourself, this place is your “Zone”. With everything you need, while writing. Cafes have lots of distractions, especially if you are a friendly person. Most writing experts suggest placing your desk in front of window, with plenty sunlight to keep you awake. These little variables matter a lot in the long run.

Post it

Believe in the use of post it, these tiny helpers will keep your desk colorful but overall serve their purpose. Motivational quotes and daily reminders should have a good effect on your brain cells, they need love. Therefore keep them close.


That’s right! Keep the technology away, especially those that will harm your thinking flow. You can switch on your devices when you are done with your daily goal. There’s no way around it, because looking at your phone or tablet for an important message will eventually end up with you on Instagram watching cat videos.

Set your schedule

If students think they can do such an analytical writing without a proper schedule then they are mistaken. It takes a lot of discipline to construct a dissertation. It’s no child’s play. So if a schedule is kept to follow, the work will get easier and easier. But if there is really no proper schedule to keep, then the tempo of work will get effected. This is true of any work but especially with writing papers or dissertations, scheduling your work has been proven to be effective.

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Music is the remedy

Classical music is such a life saver for students, working continuously in front of a screen to make an interesting topic pop can really take a toll on your motivation. Keep it upbeat with Mozart and Beethoven’s music. It have been scientifically proven to work miracles.

Good things get better with a partner

A helpful classmate can make your dissertation writing feel as easy as breathing. A classmate which has picked a similar topic to yours, can really be worked to both your advantage. Working together will only benefit the study, as opinions and suggestions can be the best dissertation help. This will create wonderful material and writing will flow like a river.

Keep the sugar level high

Any work done on low sugar level is not worth doing. Treating yourself in between work will motivate those tiny neurons working overtime. This motivation trick is famous in psychology world as “positive reinforcement”.

Daily word count

This is a writer’s strategy to keep your dissertation under the timeline. Do a daily count on the words you are planning to write. Time management is essential for a student because nothing will ruin your interesting topic more than crunching words in at the last minute.

Eyes on the prize

Keep writing. Let’s not get overwhelmed by the load and keep our eyes on the prize. Worrying about things that aren’t in our control will only pull anyone back. The cost of not completing your dissertation on time is high. So do not sweat the little things.

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