Helping Loved Ones Transition to Senior Living

The move from independent living to senior or assisted living remains one of the biggest transitions a loved one can make. However, this transition is often required because our loved ones require the best care possible. Because of how challenging this transition and move could be, we should offer as much help as possible to ensure things go as planned. In this article, we will look at a few things you can do to ensure this transition is not as challenging.

Talk About it Early

No one wants to feel ambushed, and this is how a loved one will feel if you spring this on them. Instead, take some time to talk things through with them so they understand what is happening and why senior living would be a great option for them. Listen to them and try answering their questions and addressing their objections. If they would like a say on where they get to live or would like to contribute in any way, let them. After all, this is a long-term arrangement that will affect them the most.

Arrange Accommodations Beforehand

Once you have had the conversation about moving to a senior living facility and decided on the move, it is time to find the right accommodation at the right senior living facility. The right accommodations should feel like home, allow your loved one to have some people over when and if they like, and have all the amenities they need to be comfortable.

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Additionally, making it look like home is important. The facility you choose should let you decorate the new space however your loved one likes, with items that make the space feel like home. Lastly, the space should be large enough for whatever they need. Maybe your loved one likes walking around the room or wants more space to maneuver around should they have that ability. 

The good news is that most senior living facilities offer several accommodation options that allow all the above. The McKnight Apartments from McKnight Place, for example, come with numerous features, well-thought-out floor plans, and all the amenities your loved one would need. Reputable facilities will also offer senior living and memory care options for loved ones who need care due to dementia or Alzheimer’s, as well as assisted living and skilled nurses for those who need them.

Help Them Pack Efficiently

Even if they have enough space, they might not want to take everything from their old home to the new home or facility. Because of this, you need to help them pack efficiently. This means you have to prioritize what they will need and what they will miss from their old home if they do not have it at their new one. If they have enough space, you can arrange to pack everything they will need right away and then ship everything over once they are settled.

Plan to Visit

Loneliness is a serious issue among seniors so make plans to visit them at their new home. Seeing a familiar face will let them know they are not alone and this reduces stress, loneliness, and depression.

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Transitioning to a senior living facility is difficult for both the loved one and the ones making the arrangements. Making the right plans ahead of time and ensuring everything goes smoothly will help a lot.


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