BPTP Terra Review

Gurugram is one of the best planned cities in India and having lived here in rental apartments, I was finally making the leap towards buying my own home here. I have been searching for a well-built, family-friendly apartment for a long time. During an evening conversation with a group of friends, I got to know about a buzzing real estate project in Gurugram. Then they started talking about the property, and I learned about the BPTP Terra, which was touted to offer excellent infrastructure and provides all the facilities. I visited the site and found that the apartments at BPTP Terra in Gurugram were beautifully designed and luxurious. BPTP Terra home’s numerous intriguing facilities genuinely offer you a feeling of royalty. 

The excellent brochure of BPTP includes all the necessary details about the BPTP Terra apartments, such as the amenities, location advantages, affordable price range and many more details. I decided to purchase a 3 BHK apartment for the all-inclusive price of Rupees 1.49 crore. 

BPTP Terra floor plans

The well-known real estate developer BPTP is behind the 15-story residential development known as BPTP Terra. This landmark tower, located in the centre of Delhi yet safely removed from all the city’s activity, has 480 flat sizes of 3 and 3.5 BHK.

BPTP Terra price

The picture-perfect, roomy BPTP Terra home is offered for sale at a reasonable price between Rs. 1.37 crore and Rs. 1.65 crores. You can have top-notch amenities at your fingertips since BPTP Terra ensures that having fun doesn’t involve long commutes. Stay close to all of your needs while enjoying a cup of coffee on your balcony at BPTP Terra, which has a lovely outlook.

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Excellent Amenities at BPTP Terra

BPTP offers its buyers an excellent royal feel with some fascinating amenities.

  1. These residences provide 24-hour security to guarantee the protection and welfare of your loved ones.
  2. A clean clubhouse, party area, amphitheatre, playground, gym, and swimming pool to meet your family’s social, intellectual, physical, and recreational demands.
  3. With the on-site basketball court, aerobics room, and badminton court, your interests are in physical fitness and athletics.

Location advantages at BPTP Terra

Besides being affordable, the BPTP Terra houses’ location offers occupants convenient, pleasant, and economical daily commuting. The following are just a few of BPTP Terra’s geographic benefits:

  • Bus stops at Sector 10A/37 and Park Hospital are 10–19 minutes apart.
  • The travel time between Kamla Hospital and Alfaa Hospital is about 8 to 9 minutes.
  • Within one to four minutes are Euro International School, Green Field Public School, and more notable schools.
  • The distance between INOX Leisure, Cinepolis, and other theatres is 7–20 minutes.
  • The distance between Vishal Mega Mart and other shopping areas is only 9–18 minutes.


Reasons why I would recommend purchasing property at BPTP Terra

I know all about the luxurious and exciting things that BPTP Terra apartment offers at affordable prices. I have already purchased a property here; I can undoubtedly say that BPTP Terra provides many primary and luxurious benefits. 

It is impossible to converse about Delhi NCR real estate builders without bringing up the diligent team at BPTP Terra. This functional business has continuously produced high-quality homes and construction undertakings. With its cutting-edge technology, concepts, and creations, BPTP Terra has imprinted on all of its advancements. 

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BPTP Terra has expanded tremendously and keeps constructing futures with its towers because of its unwavering adherence to its ideals and principles of providing only the best to its clients.

BPTP Terra is becoming the most reputable and renowned real estate company in the nation. The goal is to establish ourselves as the transparent partner of choice throughout the process, not just the most prosperous business in the industry. 

Gaining the confidence and trust of the workers who work for and with them is something they constantly strive towards. A set of realistic estimates sit at the centre of our organisation. The goal of BPTP Terra is to continuously demonstrate every one of these values in how we operate.


So overall, BPTP Terra is a luxurious and alluring apartment that will ensure its customers’ happiness in a peaceful and friendly environment. If you want to buy properties in Gurugram, do check verified information on NoBroker.in before visiting the site. 



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