Blockchain technology opened up a new world of opportunities for the financial industry. With other industries already moving into the digital space, blockchain enables the financial industry to become fully digital.

The promising area in the blockchain is the digitization of assets, which means representing a physical asset in the blockchain. Ravencoin is a blockchain project committed to enabling the transfer of assets from one user to another.

It’s a free and open-source network created to meet the digital age demand for assets and securities that can be traded across borders.

There are several ways to buy the Ravencoin cryptocurrency. The easiest way is through a so-called crypto broker. Through a crypto broker, you can buy cryptocurrencies, sell them and even keep them in a crypto wallet. 

But, choosing the best Ravencoin wallet is a challenge for newcomers as well as for expert users. RVN holders want the best Ravencoin wallet that allows them to keep their coins safe and secure.

If you’re interested in this topic, below you can read more about Ravencoin, and how it works.

What Does Ravencoin Do?

Ravencoin is a cryptocurrency built on a fork of the Bitcoin code. Ravencoin differs from Bitcoin in various ways. These encompass block reward (1 minute), the number of coins issued (21 billion RVN), asset creation, and messaging features.


Ravencoin users can issue tokens on the Ravencoin blockchain based on all assets. These tokens don’t need to be broken. Those who issue tokens are the ones who determine all of the tokens’ properties.

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Tokens can then be transferred and moved with the same ease as Bitcoin. Assets that can be tokenized on the Ravencoin platform include silver coins, gold bars, gift cards, reward points, and much more.

To create an access token on the platform, users must burn some RVN tokens and provide a unique token name, after which the token properties, such as the number of tokens, the number of decimals, and whether the supply is fixed or can be increased in the future, are determined.

RVN can be used to reward holders of a token that’s created on the Ravencoin blockchain. It also offers the ability to create unique tokens. These are tokens that prove authenticity, as only one of such tokens will exist. This is useful for applications such as art collection, software licensing, etc.

Ravencoin also provides a means of communication between the token issuer and the token holder. Token holders can opt out of this message if they wish. For example, the message from the token issuer can inform the token holders that a vote is to take place. And a voting token can be issued to all token holders to facilitate the voting exercise.

What is a Ravencoin Wallet?

A Ravencoin wallet becomes the most important software used by RVN holders to interact with the network. Users can receive, store and send RVN directly from their Ravencoin wallet.

Keep in mind that the non-synchronized Ravencoin wallet is a common problem for investors. You should always make sure your wallet is in sync with the blockchain.

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The market has already created several Ravencoin wallets. Companies offer users several options for keeping their funds. There are different types of Ravencoin wallets so you should go through them to see which one best suits your specific needs.

Types of Ravencoin Wallets

While Ravencoin has its own desktop wallet for Mac, Windows, and Linux, it is also compatible with a wide range of third-party wallets. Additionally, RVN provides a paper wallet generator on its website. Some other types of wallets you can use include hardware and software wallets, or online wallets. 

However, you need to keep in mind that there is no “best Ravencoin wallet”. Every wallet is different. So before choosing one wallet or the other, you need to conduct thorough research to find the one that best meets your needs. Keep in mind that for long-term holders, a hardware wallet may be the best solution. For users who manage their RVN daily, a software or wallet can be the best choice.

Ravencoin Mining

One of the main principles behind Ravencoin is that rather than being centralized in major operations able to invest big in hardware and energy, mining should be made accessible to persons with minimal hardware investment.

As a result, mining RVN has been made as simple as possible, and straightforward as creating a wallet, entering its correct address, and downloading the relevant software.

Final Thoughts

Although Ravencoin may feel risky for some people, we firmly believe that people should take advantage of it as it has great growth potential and provides the opportunity of tokenizing real-world assets and items, which can be transferred effortlessly and inexpensively between parties.

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