How to Attempt Assam TET Question Paper 2020-21?

The Assam TET 2020 is tentatively to go ahead on January 10th, 2021. It is one of the foremost state teacher recruitment examinations in the country. If you are a resident of Assam and wish to make a career as a teacher, the Assam TET is the best way. This article will focus on the techniques and strategies you can utilize to ace the Assam TET question paper 2020 along with some crucial takeaways.

Assam TET 2020: Exam Pattern

The Assam TET paper comprises two papers as stated below with 100 multiple-choice questions in each paper. You have two hours each to attempt both papers. Candidates need to note that passing each paper separately is mandatory to qualify.

PaperSubjectQuestionsMarks Time
Paper 1 [Common]Pedagogy [20 marks]

General English [40 marks]

Basic Numericals [20 marks]

Assam and It’s People [20 marks]

100 Multiple choice questions1002 hours
Paper 2Choose any three

Option A [Commerce]

Option B [Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics)] –choose any two

Option C [General Studies and Current affairs]

100 MCQs in each option1002 hours

Assam TET 2020 Paper: Underlying Strategy

You need to score a minimum of 60% in each paper to qualify for the exam. Further, since the syllabus is quite vast, it is highly improbable to focus evenly on any single paper. Therefore, your strategy must be to prioritize either Paper 1 or Paper 2. Our suggestion is to focus on Paper 2 and do the bare minimum on Paper 1. Try to get 70-73 questions on Paper 1 and aim for a little better around 75-78 questions correct on paper 2. The difficulty level of the paper stood around a moderate level with the majority of questions at the easy-moderate level.

How to Attempt the Assam TET Paper 1

a). In the makeup of paper 1, the General English portion carries the highest weightage and we feel is going to take up quite a significant percentage of the 120 minutes you have. So, our suggestion is to start paper 1 with the English portion. It is most likely to contain English Grammar and composition questions on Determiners, tense forms, Active & Passive Voice, Vocabulary, Clauses, Common Errors, Sentence Structure.

b). Next up, you can attempt any of Pedagogy, Basic Numericals, and Assam and its people. The challenge here is to dwell on any one topic for more than a minute and as it will be largely straightforward barring numericals, you should not have any difficulty. The latter Assam and its people section may be a little tricky with questions on the history, culture, and geography of Assam. Reading local newspapers and magazines will do the job.

How to Attempt the Assam TET Paper 2 [Commerce/Science/ General Studies and Current Affairs

1. Commerce: In the commerce section of the Assam TET question paper 2020, you will have Business Studies [20 marks], Accountancy [30 marks], Salesmanship and Advertising [20 marks], and Banking [15 marks] and Insurance [15 marks]. The questions will be set on the higher secondary level so brushing up from the NCERT books is a strong recommendation.

2. If you have opted for commerce-based Paper 2, Accountancy has the highest weightage and therefore we suggest that you start with it. In that, first, deal with the numerical questions and then move on to the theoretical ones. Complete the Banking and Insurance portion together. Business Studies and Salesmanship and Advertising tends to be quite easy as well.

3. Science: From Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, you are required to choose any two, each of which will carry 50 marks. Whichever you choose to depend on your choice, having a well-versed understanding of the higher secondary level syllabus is paramount.

4. The main strategy is to solve 75-78 questions correctly on the whole. With only 60 minutes for each portion, you must be fine-tuned as to how you want to begin and end the paper. Start with what you are comfortable with and come back to what you may have sipped in the later stages.

5. General Studies and Current Affairs: This section is composed of India’s independence movement, Constitution, Geography, Economic Planning, Biodiversity, Major National institutions, current affairs, and developments, amongst others.

6. The attempting strategy that you must follow is that of active elimination, omitting extreme choices, and comparing. Many a time, this section provides options that deliberately confuse you and misleads you. Therefore, be attentive and focused. Our suggestion is to begin the given order itself and move swiftly so that you have done the first reading with the 70-minute mark. Then go through it again, write down what you know about a question and what you don’t, and compare it. The second reading will yield results this way.

How to Attempt the Assam TET Paper: Key Takeaways

a). For the First 5 minutes, just read:-

Rather than beginning the questions right away, look over it, give a good glance, read the instruction, look for any changes, and skim through lightly. There is a lot of time left, compose yourself, and if possible, highlight the section you might want to begin with or the questions that you feel have seen before.

b). Revision:-

Almost as important as completing the Assam TET question paper 2020 within time is to revise it actively for silly mistakes, marking errors, calculation slip-ups, and other glitches you may have committed. Leave 10-15 minutes in the end for revision. Also, this gives you time to ponder upon whatever questions you may have left for later.

c). Time Management:-

You have 120 minutes for 100 questions in the Assam TET question paper 2020 which roughly comes out to 72 seconds per question. In Paper 1, that might not be a problem but in Paper 2, it will get a little rough if you are opting for Commerce or Science.

d). Bonus Tip:

In mathematics, visualize the problem as much as you can. Sometimes it just does the trick.

The hard work and dedication are what drive the top candidates to clear exams like the Assam TET 2020 exam. You can also do it. Best of luck & Stay connect with our education blog in India


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