How to Inject More Nature into Your Life

There are so many benefits to spending more time in nature. Not only does the sun boost your vitamin D levels, but spending time in the great outdoors significantly improves your mood, with some people even reporting lower levels of anxiety. With full-time jobs and busy family lives, many people are lacking in quality nature time. Here’s how to inject more of it into your life.

Choose Camping Holidays 

Instead of your usual hotel stay this summer, why not choose a camping holiday instead? You’ll get to experience the wonder that is waking up to the sunrise and fresh wind each morning while saving money on accommodation. If you don’t have a tent, check out this buying a tent guide to get the best fit for you and whomever is coming along. If you’re not ready to jump straight into the wilderness just yet, you could always try out glamping! Have a look at park holidays for some beautiful places to pitch up your tent and experience the great outdoors.

Start Going on Walks 

The simplest way to spend more time in nature is to start going on more walks. While a hike on a nature trail is great, you don’t have to go out too far to experience the outdoors – even a walk around the local park on your work break is enough to benefit. By making it a habit, you’ll quickly feel that ache when you haven’t walked through grass and trees for a while.

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Spruce Up Your Garden 

Another simple way to get into nature is to spruce up your garden. The best part about this is you don’t even have to go anywhere to do it! Plant vegetables, herbs, trees, plants, and watch your little piece of nature grow. Make sure your seating area is beautiful and comfortable, too, so that you’re encouraged to get out there more often.

Get Interested in Local Wildlife 

Are there foxes in your local area? Do you see a badger from time to time? Research the wildlife in your local area and get excited about seeing it around. To attract more animals to your garden, consider putting up a bird feeder or even installing a pond. You could even keep a little wildlife scrapbook to take note of every creature you come across!

Watch Nature Documentaries 

There are plenty of nature documentaries out there waiting to be watched, so make a list and start ticking them off. Whether you are into sea creatures, mammals, insects, trees, or polar bears – there’s a documentary for you to enjoy. While this doesn’t involve actually being in nature, it will increase your interest and motivate you to get outside and experience the world a little more.

Start an Outdoors Hobby 

Some hobbies, like landscape painting and hiking, involve spending a lot of time in nature. So, by taking one of these up, you’ll end up soaking up the beauty of the sun, plants, and trees before long.

As you can see, spending more time in nature doesn’t have to involve trekking deep into jungles or hiking up the tallest mountains. By taking more notice of the nature around you, you’ll soon be the kind of person people often find outdoors.