Whether you’ve moved to a new city and are looking for a community, you want to make new friends or you just feel like trying something different, there are hobbies you can take part in that can become a whole new lifestyle for you depending on how involved you want to get. Below are just a few of the hobbies that can turn into full-time identities if that’s your thing.

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If you’re surprised that an entire subculture could build up around the practice of vaping, think again. If your tastes run to the stylish and maybe a little bit edgy and you’ve always liked to smoke, this could be the group for you. Vapers are a friendly bunch who nevertheless take their vaping quite seriously, but no more so than your average craft beer or coffee aficionado. 

You can get started with some attractive gear, like the DynaVap VapCap M. You can choose among three colors, with the newest one being the light, mossy green Verdium, which has subtle blue and yellow undertones. Two old favorites are back as well. The color-changing Azurium is a deep blue, or you may prefer the vibrant purple finish and golden undertones of Rossum. Pick up the products, head to an online forum or an in-person meet-up, and start getting to know the knowledgeable people in this unique subculture.


You may be equally surprised to find a vibrant running subculture if the most you’ve ever managed to do is drag yourself out now and then for a two or three-mile jog. Runners are an enthusiastic group—some might say obsessed—and many think nothing of spending a perfectly pleasant weekend day running 15, 20, or more miles. There are many benefits of running for the experienced hobbyist and beginner alike.

Don’t think you have to be able to put in those kinds of distances at the start to get involved. Most cities and towns have a local running club, and they generally welcome new members. You can really get the benefit of experience from these groups on everything from shoes to how to train to what to eat and more. And even if you decide that ultra-marathoning isn’t ever going to be your thing, you’re likely to find plenty of camaraderie among runners if you enjoy being active.

Board Games

You hate smoke—even when it’s not smoke but a vapor—and you’re more the type of person who would only run to get away from something, but you still enjoy being sociable. Board games maybe just a hobby for you. Although there may be some overlap, board gaming is separate from video gaming or role-playing games, but it could be your perfect new activity if you enjoy convivial evenings with a group of friends that you strategize to destroy, at least in game form. This is a hobby that’s growing in popularity as games become more complicated and sophisticated, and there might also be a board gaming group near you. Some cities even have a dedicated cafe or two for people who love to play.