Traveling is fun but living out of a suitcase can be a hectic routine for people. It can make people feel homesick even in the most exotic places in the world. People often try out different ideas to make their hotel stay homier and easier to fit right into. No matter where you are if you love to travel from time to time but you also want to bring along the feeling of comfort, then we might have a few solutions for you.

Try these few tips and tricks to settle into your next hotel a little more comfortably:-

1. Sanitize your stuff

Unless you decided to stay at a five-star hotel, we recommend that you bring along the necessities to sanitize your surroundings as properly as you can. Start by checking the bed for bed bugs just to be safe. Bring along a small packet of sanitizing wipes and sanitize any area that you might think to be at risk. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer for personal use from time to time. Furthermore, wash your hands properly before and after you get out of the hotel. The best hotels in Liberia provide these sanitizing options but it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Fill the room with your vibes

After making sure that your room is germ-free, try filling up your space with things that bring you peace of mind and remind you of your home town. We recommend that you try using your signature incense, oil diffusers, essential oil sprays, a photo frame from your side desk at home, a small painting, or anything else that will instantly take your mind back home. It is essential to fill it up with positive energy.

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3. Bring along some stocked gadgets

To avoid getting slapped with a long list of rental bills for entertainment, we recommend that you bring along your laptop or iPad with your favorite show’s episodes downloaded, or the show that you are currently binging on. This might seem odd for someone on a holiday but believe us, you will be thankful for bringing along your entertainment during a sleepless hour or having a break in your room for once. And if that situation does not arise, everyone still needs their gadgets on a trip so there is no harm in bringing them along.

4. Earplugs

You should also spend a few extra bucks on earplugs and bring those along. You do not know the level of noise pollution that may befall you once you get there and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Towels

Another must-have is a separate towel. We know that the best hotels always provide such sanitary products themselves. However, towels and other basic sanitary products have a high risk of carrying germs. Using an unclean towel on your face or other body parts can land you skin problems like acne or spots. It is better to be safe than to take risks in matters of health.

6. Toiletries

You should never leave your toiletries lying around with your luggage. Set them up in your attached bathroom in your hotel room. We wouldn’t want you scrounging in the room, looking for your shampoo bottle, or your toothpaste. Furthermore, however fun it may seem to utilize hotel-provided toiletries, it is always safer to depend on your skin and hair products.

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There are several other things that you can try like travel candles, bringing your books, your favorite beverage for daily use, investing in a comfortable nightgown, packing your favorite loungewear, and much more. The best hotel in Liberia all provide such treats to all of their customers and would be happy to entertain them for as long as they want. The rooms are all very cozy and the management will surely take care of all your needs to make you feel at home with them.


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