The education that we receive from college plays a significant role in forming the foundation of our careers. Choosing a college, that best suits you can be sometimes very confusing. With multiple numbers of options and various influencing factors, students often end up getting into the wrong college that affects not only their present but also their future. If you also want to avoid those mistakes then go through this article. This article will discuss the 10 common mistakes that should be avoided while searching for a college.

Following your friends

This is the most common mistake that almost every student makes. You need to find a perfect college to build your career, not your best friend. Your best friend may have different career goals and want to pursue a different course, you should not follow your friend, instead, you must figure out what you want to pursue and find college that fits you.

Choosing the colleges that your parents attended

As mentioned in the previous point, you are an individual with an individual goal in life. So, it does not matter how much good time your mother or father had in that college it might not be the suitable choice for you.

Choosing the college your parents like 

To please their parents, some students just take admissions to the college that their parents want. This does not do any good for your college life; on the contrary, such decisions can affect your college life negatively. You must decide what you want from your college and take admission in the one that provides all those. If your choice is right for your career, then it is your responsibility to convince your parents.

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Choosing a college because of their athletic teams

It is not wise to choose a college because of their athletic teams. If you want to play too many college sports then you can think about this. But college is a place for getting the best education for developing a successful career. College Athletics may play a role in a student’s decision but it should be one of the many considerations, not the sole consideration.

Only looking for nearby colleges

Looking for a college close to your home is certainly a factor that a student looks for, but the more you expand your scope the more chances you have of getting a better educational experience. You can only find a handful number of colleges if you only opt for colleges that are near your home but if you broaden your scope you will have ample amount of options to choose from.

Avoiding a good college because of its cost 

Most students search colleges based on the cost. Cost should rarely be a matter of concern because many colleges offer financial aids. In fact, in some cases, expensive private colleges also provide better financial aids such that they cost less compared to cheap colleges. You should not lose a college only because of its cost, first, check whether the college provides any financial aids or not.

Not investigating the campus security

According to BJA, campus public safety services vary depending on the college campus premises. Campus law enforcement bodies should include both armed and unarmed police forces, private security services, and more. So, students must check the campus security before applying to any college. It is advisable to check the campus security statistics of each campus before applying.

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Trusting the college’s advertisements

No college is perfect; all the colleges advertise their good sides only such as no college will show their broken desks inside their classrooms. But you should not be misguided by such advertisements; it is up to you to find out the positive and negative sides of the college that you feel is fit for you.

Relying on other’s opinions

If someone suggests you a college you should not believe him or her blindly. You should investigate whether the suggested college fits you and satisfy all that you need. Many people will suggest many colleges; you should put together all those information and find out which one might be best for you.

Only looking for prestigious colleges

A prestigious college does not mean that it will satisfy all your needs and meet all your criteria. For example, you like getting involved in extracurricular activities but what if the college does not have the facility to provide the same. You must keep in mind those prospects that are important for you while choosing a college.


These are the 10 common mistakes that a student makes while choosing a college. The college will be the place where a student will spend at least 4 years of his life. So be careful and avoid making these mistakes while searching for a college.


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