What technology is the best for a small business owner when it comes to database management systems for the company? It is not uncommon for every small business to struggle with its databases. There is some data in MS Outlook. Some might be in an email program, and another large chunk of data might reside in LinkedIn. So, when planning and even creating a marketing campaign, getting all of this data at once is a hassle. The employees will need to miss out on their core tasks and focus on accumulating the data in one place. The solution here is to invest in a good database program that gives you everything in one place and saves both money and time in the process.

Benefits from a well-maintained database

Every company today will benefit from a well-maintained database, irrespective of its size. However, when it comes to small business owners, this is an area where they tend to struggle a lot. They often do not have a full-time IT team or DBA specialist to take care of their database management and administration needs. Moreover, even if they have a database, it is not in order, and they land up facing a lot of challenges in emailing and social media. With these struggles piling up, they fail to focus on the business’s key tasks and often ask themselves this question- what is the best database program for their unique needs?

What do skilled database management professionals recommend?

Specialists in the field of database management and administration state that the first thing that business owners should decide and understand is no one program fits all business databases in the market. The database program’s choice depends on your business goals and what you wish to accomplish at the end of a specified time. Given below are some of the key questions that you should ask yourself when it comes to searching for the best program for your database needs-

  1. What are your small-term business goals?
  2. Why do you want the database program?
  3. Do you have all the resources needed for accomplishing your goals?
  4. What should be your business action steps?
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Being a small business means you need to keep your customer data intact and up-to-date. This is where the importance of the CRM or the customer relationship management database comes in handy. When you have a well-designed CRM for your business, you can manage-

  1. The address book- This is the place where the contacts of your customers are stored. The data can be retrieved as and when needed by you and your employees.
  2. Scheduling for events- You get the benefits of a single calendar that helps you promote, create, schedule, and remind your business team about events.
  3. Messaging- Besides the email, you must ensure that your business messaging has tweets, IMs, text, and social messaging. Choosing a system that supports multiple channels of good for your business primarily because your customers generally like to use different messaging options.
  4. Keeping a to-do-task list – Every good small business database will permit you to make and schedule tasks that later can be shifted to your business calendar.
  5. Document your business activities – Your small business database should have the capacity to keep interactions with your customers as this is crucial for your conversations in the future.

Skilled professionals from esteemed remote database management and administration company, RemoteDBA.com state the above are just some of the key things that a small business database should have. Besides creating such a database, you must manage it properly or seek professional help from remote database management and administration companies for the task.

The professionals state small businesses often fail to manage their databases properly. When it comes to effective database management, these specialists suggest that small businesses take the following tips-

  1. Get your fundamentals right – Note that the correct database management starts from its creation. You need to ensure that the basic structure is correct, so ensure that the basic database fields are set to capture the right things in the proper format. There should be specific fields to make indexing simpler. It is wise for you to capture a gender title so that you can capture the contacts you need faster, especially when you are selling different products for men or women. You should ensure that your small business database can be easily scalable for catering to your growing needs in the future.
  2. Mitigate the clutter – It not unusual for large corporations and big companies to send messages to contacts that they will never get. This surely is a complete waste of time and impacts your response to goods and services to a large extent. To get exact figures, you must mitigate the clutter from your database. You should frequently clean your system and eliminate data files that are wrong, incomplete, and no longer serve your company’s purpose. It is prudent to clean your small business database system manually. You can also take the help of professional companies to assist you with the cleanup.
  3. Maintain a regular schedule for database maintenance – Ensure that you keep a regular schedule for database maintenance. This is the best way for you to ensure your data is free from errors and safe from any data breach. There has been an estimate that business databases tend to decay at an average rate of 40% annually, so ensure that your data is clean. Everything should be secure and accurate.
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Credible database administrators and managers state that a good small business database is accessible round-the-clock. Last but not least, do not miss out on this vital point. Never allow your database to become neglected by making it inaccessible. You do not need to make your business database accessible to everyone in your company. However, at least make it accessible to important staff as if the data is not used and utilized properly, it will be deemed useless for your company today and in the long-run.


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