Best Bathroom Upgrades

Want to make changes to your bathroom but only have a small budget? Well, here are just some ideas to get the creative juices (and excitement) flowing.

Replace the Mirror

Assuming you already have a mirror in the bathroom, why not replace it for something with a bit more character? For example, this could be a mirror of a particular shape or with a specific frame. If you’ve had the same mirror up for many years, it’s probably starting to look a bit tired. Bring the bathroom back to life with a unique wooden frame, a circular shape rather than a rectangle, or another change to the mirror.

Add Shelving

Not only will this change the appearance of the room, but shelving will also solve that age-old problem of storage space in the bathroom. Whether you use it for your towels or toiletries, the number of shelves you add depends on the space you have on the wall. With thick, classic wooden shelves and a wooden frame around the mirror, you’ve transformed the room with only two minor alterations.

Use Tile Stickers

Not many people know these exist, but they can completely change the look of the bathroom in seconds. For only a few dollars, pick up a pack of tile stickers and create either a feature patterned wall in the bathroom or decorate it with Bathroom Wall Art Ideas. Of course, when looking for stickers, make sure that they’re water-resistant (otherwise, this entire plan will fall apart after the first shower!).

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No need to worry about grout, no need to rip up the old tiles; you get a whole new room for just a few dollars.

Choose a New Bathroom Vanity

These days, bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, this means that you’ll find something for your bathroom with very little effort. While some are freestanding, others sit on the wall, and this can free up floor space – a change that opens the room right up and makes everything look more prominent.

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Again, you can choose a colour to match the new mirror frame and shelving. This way, everything starts to come together, and you get a whole new room rather than the old room with a couple of minor changes.

Add Some Plants

For some reason, the bathroom has escaped the use of plants for many years. Why not buck the trend and add some greenery to your bathroom? If you hang a couple of plants on the wall or utilise the new shelving for this purpose, it doesn’t even have to take up lots of space. Plants are affordable, they make homeowners happy, and you get to stop at your own limit (this could be one plant, three plants, or 37 plants!).

Upgrade Your Shower Curtain

When we install a new shower curtain, we feel excited…but this excitement soon fades when it picks up the grime and becomes difficult to clean. Not only this, but we also grow accustomed to seeing a shower curtain to the point where it’s almost forgotten. Every so often, pick up a new curtain, and the clean, fresh appearance will make quite the difference.

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Other Bathroom Upgrades on a Budget

To finish, here some other ideas for your affordable bathroom upgrade plans:

  • Hang some pictures
  • Choose a new piece of furniture
  • Add a new bath panel
  • Add wall lighting or spotlighting
  • Change the toilet paper holder
  • Add some artwork
  • Get new towels
  • Consider wallpaper
  • Paint the tile

Ready to get started? Head over to to begin browsing all bathroom-related products and for more affordable upgrade tips.


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