Different Types of Water Fountains for Garden

In this article, we will discuss fountains. And what are the types of fountains? There are many types of fountains for your garden.

Many people consider that water fountains are one of the most versatile decorative pieces for the garden. It can become a center of attraction so it is used as the centerpiece in the garden. Outdoor Art Pros is one great site to check out various high-quality unique fountains and other water features. It increases the look of your property. In place of fountains, you can add trees or plants but these entire things are comparative and give less beauty than foundation.

Here are some types of fountains, these are:

1. Spouting Fountains

If you start thinking about foundations then the first image that will come to your mind will be of spouting fountains. This gives the most dramatic feel as; it may be possible that you might have seen this kind of fountain in movies.  This fountain can be added to the existing water body like a pond or pool. It uses a submersible pump which helps to spout water properly.

You can find grandiose spouting fountains in large parks and mansions. But if you find any spouting fountains in residential areas then that would be simple in style. People prefer this fountain as it looks luxurious and easy to install.

2. Self-contained 

It is a very popular fountain. You can insert this foundation into your home. It is affordable. Its installation process is very easy. These kinds of foundations contain their own pumping and plumbing functions. It also has its own pond or reservoir. You can place this fountain anywhere in the garden. But typically, people prefer placing these fountains on decks, patios, or on a side of the garden.

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There is no need to install this in the pool or pond as it has its own pond. It doesn’t need a very big place so that gives an advantage to the customer as they don’t have to think a lot before buying this.

These are made up of different materials, like, ceramic, fiberglass, or stone. It may be possible that it may be heavy in weight which totally depends upon the size of the fountain, but it is mobile in nature. You may get a water softener system in the fountains. You can get different choices in the market. You can select your perfect fountains according to your budget.

3. Tiered Fountains

It is a very traditional type of fountain. It consists of tiers as you probably know this by its name.

The use of tier gives it a perfect shape and it also provides a relaxing sound. If you want a louder sound of water then you should part the tiers because the wall has to fall further. You will find many tiered fountains in Mediterranean countries. They were installed in the courtyards or plazas.

4. Wall Fountains

Wall fountain is constructed in the existing wall or in a new wall. If you have a small backyard, then you can choose this fountain as it doesn’t need a particular space that would be dedicated to the fountain. Internal tubing, water basin, pump, and spout are the basic requirements of wall fountains.

You have two options in the wall fountain; freestanding or wall-mounted. A wall-mounted fountain can be hung on the wall so it is known as self-contained, will freestanding wall fountains be attached with basic and have a flat back.

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5. Cascading Fountains

These kinds of fountains look subtle and elegant. There are different levels by which water floats. A tiered fountain is a type of cascading fountain. But you can refer to this fountain as a fountain that has “steps” or rocks that are placed downwards. From the top part, water flows than the water cascades downwards to the bottom step or level. It provides a relaxation hub in your garden.

6. Disappearing or Pondless Fountains

It is also called a Pondless fountain. It is very modern in look. It doesn’t need a pool, pond, basin, or any sort of visible water. If you want this fountain then you need to install its underground water source. This feature is enough to impress your guests. It is a fabulous work of art like a sculpture.

This fountain can give you many advantages. It is impressive in looks. But apart from this feature, there is less chance of the growth of algae. It needs less maintenance if we compare it to the other fountains.

7. Japanese Fountain

The fountains in Japanese gardens have some spiritual significance. In Japan, fountains are treated as the symbol of physical and spiritual cleansing. In Japanese fountains, the most common material which was used is bamboo. And the fountain is covered by rocks, evergreen plants, and ferns.

If you add a Japanese-style fountain in your garden then that would help you to get a sense of Zen into your garden. You can also add fish to your pond to get a perfect atmosphere.

8. Swimming Pool Fountain

You can even add a fountain to your existing or new swimming pool. If you add a fountain in your pool then it will add an exciting element to your backyard. If you also add lights then it will provide a beautiful and magical atmosphere.

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If you want to keep your pool clean then there are many products available in the market like Robotic Pool cleaners and much more. You may get many options for your fountain, some of these can be installed on the side of the swimming pool and some for them can be installed at the center of the pool.

Important Points to Consider before installing water Fountains

It’s a time-consuming process to get the perfect idea of important points. So in this section of the article, we would try to help you out with your selection process of fountain:

a). Check the manufacturer’s credential

If you are thinking of buying a cheap fountain then you should check the credentials of the manufacturer.

b). Check the features of the fountain

Look for the features of the fountain. It doesn’t matter that the rate of the fountain is cheap or expensive you should check its features.

c). Look for energy-efficient water fountains

Look for the fountain which uses less energy. Must have feature is that you should control the functions of the fountain.

d). Consider maintenance

So, this list will help you in saving your money, time, and energy. Think twice before investing your money in any fountain. The fountain which you are selecting should match your taste. There is no perfect solution to get the best fountain for you; it just depends upon your interests and taste.


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