Outdoor Hanging Plants

If you wish to deck up your outdoor living space without spending a lot of money, hanging plants are the perfect solution. With just a few materials and little time investment, these low-maintenance outdoor hanging plants can provide fresh greenery. You’ll need: – A wire hanger or fishing line; – String or ribbon; and – An assortment of small houseplants with sturdy stems. And one of the most convenient ways to source houseplants is by purchasing them online at https://flowercompany.ca/.  


The easiest vine to care for, this plant can withstand heat and bright sun. It may even survive a day or two without watering if the gardener is forgetful! The leaves are shiny green but vary in colour depending on where it’s blooming- white, pink, or red flowers will appear during springtime. However, these grow well in containers indoors as well as outside garden beds.


For the best results with your jade plant, allow it to dry between waterings. Check the soil every three days, and if they are moderately dry, they are doing just fine! If not hydrated thoroughly enough, a plant’s leaves will shed or develop brown spots that can lead to significant damage in the long run. These key points were developed through trial-and-error over many years of cultivation by professional growers who know all about what it takes for these rugged little succulents to thrive at home!

​​Tassel Fern

Tassel Ferns are not your average houseplant. Spending their lives in the shade, they’re perfect for hanging in pots on porch or patio ceilings and filling large spaces with foliage without having to be watered excessively. You can plant them as a group too – these plants love company!

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Marble Queen Pothos

The Marble Queen pothos is the perfect houseplant. They help clean your indoor air and require little to no maintenance! The plants need very little water, so you can let them dry out during the fall or winter months if they feel entirely dried up – just give it a quick spritz of water with that spray bottle (get one at any home store).

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is a great plant to have because it’s very forgiving. Although the fern prefers moist soil, as long as there isn’t any drought going on in your house, you should be able to keep this one alive. The fronds are bushy and slightly serrated, which gives them their beautiful green colour that just looks phenomenal when placed near some of those other plants around the room or tucked away behind furniture where they can still get enough light from the window; nearby without being too exposed at all times as many other plants might require.


If you’re looking for dependable brightly-coloured blooms, be sure to try the sun-loving Lantana. Like Dipladenia, it’s hardy and grows well in hanging pots and garden beds. It makes a great choice if you want butterflies or hummingbirds around your home.


Your prayers for a plant that thrives on neglect have been answered; Portulaca is the one to go with. It doesn’t put on a show until heat and sun arrive in May because it prefers midsummer when Buttercup-type flowers appear. In yellow, orange, or pink colours, depending on what kind of environment they’re growing in – which again depends if there’s enough water present!

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Pink Lantern (Medinilla magnifica)

The beauty of Medinilla magnifica cannot be understated. This plant is a perfect choice for spring with its green and pink colouring, a striking similarity to tulips, and stunningly lush foliage. It prefers lots of light to thrive but does well even if it’s just hanging around the outer areas on your porch or patio so long as you offer plenty of indirect sunlight at all times. The best part? This little guy loves dry soil!

Medinilla Magnifica thrives when temperatures are between 63-77 degrees Fahrenheit (17-25 Celsius) with moist soil that drains air from roots during both growth periods: winter rains/summer drought. 

Eastern Hay-Scented Fern

Eastern Hay-Scented Fern is a perfect fit for porches and patios in need of privacy from neighbouring homes. Easily planted, this fern can proliferate and thrive when provided with shade or partial sun exposure. Known to produce yellow-green colouring while emitting the scent of fresh-cut hay, Eastern Hay Scented Fern will adorn your porch or patio beautifully!


If you’re looking for an easy-to-care-for, colourful plant that will thrive both indoors and outdoors, look no further than the begonia! Begonias are known to be bright in colour and texture; they can flourish regardless of whether it’s sunny or not outside. When potting a new begonia, make sure to use rich organic soil – this is essential if you want your plants’ roots to stay healthy. It would help if you also placed them where there isn’t direct sunlight to dry out too quickly. To know how often to water your flowers: stick a finger into the dirt every few days until dampness reaches one inch deep from topsoil level (the area closest to the surface). And remember: fertilize every six weeks. 

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The best plants for the edge of a basket require low maintenance and don’t mind if they get wet. With its bright blue flowers, Lobelia is perfect until it gets too hot out in July; just substitute with its heat-loving pal Portulaca. 

Million Bells

Although the Million Bells is a tough plant, it has to be given sun and moist soil for it to keep its showy appearance. If you go away on vacation for the weekend without cutting back your Million Bells first, they will turn crisp because of lack of water and sunlight. Give them some time so that moisture can make its way back into their stems!


Hanging plants are a great way to add life and colour to your outdoors without worrying about them taking up too much space. Our list of low-maintenance outdoor hanging plants is sure to inspire you with ideas for how you can beautify your yard while keeping it easy on yourself! If the thought of having houseplants terrifies you, these attractive options will make it seem like less work than ever before. We hope this post helped find the perfect plant (or two) that’s right for both your needs and aesthetic preferences with so many choices available. Happy planting!



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