Tips on How to Ship Frozen Food Safely

How to ship frozen foods depends on what kind of food you are packing and what state you are in. If you are shipping to a warmer climate, these tips on how to ship frozen food will be helpful. When you are packing for a colder climate, these tips will help you ship your frozen foods a lot easier too. These tips will also help you get the best prices when you are doing your shipping.

One of the biggest challenges that you will probably face when shipping frozen foods are cold or very warm weather. When this occurs, it greatly affects the wrapped or packed food. So, the very first thing to remember is to wrap for extreme cold weather. If you do not use Styrofoam, you may wrap the food in an old newspaper. If you do use Styrofoam, these are some quick and simple tips to follow to wrap your food for winter.

Tips to follow to wrap your food for winter

Pack your food as flat as possible. When you ship food, especially if it is perishable food, it needs to be packed as flat as possible. This means, if you have a bag, make sure the bag is squeezed tight to form a package that is about one-fourth inches thick. It is far better to use a fourth inch of Styrofoam than to fill the bag. 

Another tip on packing materials is to use dry ice. You should also use dry ice when you are packing for winter. You can spray the gel packs with a water-based sealer that has a very small ˀmount of water in it. This will keep the gel packs from melting.

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The next thing you want to know about how to ship frozen foods is that you want to make sure they are well-protected. If you are using Styrofoam, you need to make sure that there is a hole cut out in the top so that the food can be removed easily. If you are using dry ice, you need to make sure the container is well insulated. The best way to insulate food is by wrapping it in thick thermal insulation material like heavy-duty aluminum foil. The problem with thermal foil is that it is not very thick and it will not protect the food very well.

One other idea of how to ship your frozen goods is to use your car’s air conditioning system to store them at low temperatures. You can purchase specially designed air-conditioners that will keep the temperatures low enough to prevent damage or softening of the food. You need to make sure that the airtight bag is properly sealed and that it has been cut to allow room for air circulation.

A third idea on how to ship your food using air conditioning is to use a plastic liner to protect it during transport. This plastic liner will help keep the food from absorbing odors during shipping.

There should also be a sufficient number of plastic bags or boxes on the shipment so that the food does not have to be kept in its original box all the time. You can place all of this stuff inside of a single large cardboard box and tie it off with a rope to keep it from flying around. This method is much more effective than using cardboard boxes.

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The most dangerous goods to ship using air are those that are extremely perishable. Anything with a liquid component will almost certainly be destroyed if exposed to the air for any length of time, so you might want to consider dry ice when considering this option.


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