Manageable Steps to Cleaning Your Self Storage Unit

The saying, “out of sight, out of mind,” holds very true when it comes to storage units, especially when it comes to storage units in Sutherland Shire. Many of those who store items in Sutherland Shire use their storage spaces to keep boxes filled to the brim, unused furniture, all seasonal equipment, and other sentimental items and then find it hard to find a particular item in storage easily. Truly, as the renters begin to slowly build up their belongings in the storage space, find it hard to navigate through the items and find the items required for use easily.

Here are some tips for you to get your storage space looking good and making it manageable in the long run: 

#1. Examine the space & take pictures 

Even before you start collecting cleaning supplies to begin the process of cleaning your storage in Kirrawee, what helps is to know what you’re getting yourself into. First, make a quick visit to your storage unit, and that will give you the quick lay of the land. Doing this will give you an idea of what needs to happen. While you’re still there, snap a few photos from a variety of angles, and that ensures that you capture the lay of the land. This can help you create a plan for organizing the storage space. 

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Grab a sheet of paper and pen and list down the items you can place in each corner of the paper. Jot down the way you’ll organize it. 

#2. Divide & Conquer

Depending on how big or small the size of your storage unit is, you might get overwhelmed with this mammoth of a project, organizing your storage unit. Don’t bother cleaning up the entire place in a single session. Break down the large space into smaller spaces and conquer them one at a time. This would not only be easier physically but for morale, as it can keep you on track and increase the success of the project being well-done. Begin from the end of your unit at the back and work your way to the front of your project. 

#3. Sell & Donate

Often cleaning out a storage unit usually means there’ll be a massive dump of items in the landfill. Doing so can have a massive deterioration in the ecosystem. Instead of you cleaning out the storage unit, consider recycling them by selling it or donating it to someone in need. They can not only help someone in need but also bring about the monetary value to you. Even if some of the items that you possess might seem like they are of no value, but they can be reused as scrap material and be sold off. You can even sell it off online or even drop them off at thrift stores or donation boxes. Many various shelters and churches take in these old items, giving them a new home.

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#4. Call for backup & bring entertainment

As mentioned above, cleaning the space out can be extremely daunting, even when one is all pumped up to do it. So, it can be a good process to get a friend or a backup. Family or friends could help you sort out everything that one’s got and then organize it into categories. If you have no friend or family to come help you, consider bringing along some form of entertainment that could make the process easier to bear and accomplish. 

#5. Maximize the Storage Space

If you have many items that need to go into storage even after cleaning out, don’t just throw them all in together. You can easily categorize or organize them, utilizing maximum storage space just by installing in your storage at Heathcote or storage in Kirrawee: 

a). Wall shelves

b). Tool hangers

c). Clothing racks 

d). Storage containers in different shapes

By using these items, all of the items can be segregated neatly and organized into different spaces.

#6. Start Cleaning 

Finally bring in all the cleaning supplies such as your gloves, masks, broom, dustpan, garbage bags, cleaning rags and mops, water, and cleaning agents. Sweep, dust, mop, and dry until space is spick and span. 

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