Top 7 Fabulous Travel Photographers of Instagram

Are you a traveling enthusiast? If yes, then you’re at the perfect place. Everyone likes to travel and explore unique areas of this world to experience its ultimate glory and make life long memories. Travelling opens the doorway of another realm. The photos of distinct places are heart touching, and we can feel the silence and environment of the place where we never actually visited; that is the power of photographs. Well, according to, Instagram has become a popular way for people to document their lives. Therefore, now, here, we have listed seven fabulous travel photographers on Instagram. You will undoubtedly love the amazing photos clicked by them. So without further ado, let’s jump into the article to explore those fantastic Instagram photographers!

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl is the best travel photographer on Instagram with 2 million followers. His photographs portray an amazing life journey that every traveler wants to go through. With his traveling partner Andrea Dabene, he clicks the pictures of every type, whether it’s an adventure, romance, or fun. Alex Strohl has got a God-gifted photography skill. The pictures are very sensual and can evoke a sense of pure bliss. Alex Strohl dares to go to every corner of this planet and click photos while racing, diving into the sea, and so on! Next time when you feel bored or alone, just check it out to feel the magic.

Johan Lolos

Johan Lolos is also known as the Bear Grylls of photography because he is too dedicated to photography. He dares to visit almost every corner of the world and click amazing pictures. He is the person who can jump into the mud for a perfect click. Johan is a self-taught outdoor photographer who is famous in whole New Zealand, Europe, and Australia because of his photography. His photos are realistic and a testament to his love for traveling. The massive channels like National Geographic, daily news, and Buzzfeed use the photographs of Johan Lolos. 

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Chris Burkard

“A great photographer shares what they fear losing most” – That’s the heart touching quote for every photographer by Chris Burkard. He likes to spend most of the time traveling to strange and attractive locations. He loves to take adventurous shots and publish them on Instagram. There is no satiation to Chris Burkard’s adrenaline hurry to explore the world. From the mysterious swimming hole to a glacier, he is dedicated to capturing all the memories on camera. With his adventurous, lifestyle-based traveling and outdoor photographs, Chris is ruling the industry of Instagram photography.

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten Rich is the goal-oriented personality of this industry. She left the corporate world, and now she is a traveler. Kiersten once said that she left her job after realizing that she’s working for someone else’s dream instead of her own. With funny, cheerful, and artistic photography, Kiersten is one of the happiest and open-minded photographers. She traveled to more than fifty countries and now helping other travelers to achieve their dream. Kiersten has 542000 followers on Instagram and still growing!

Emilie Ristevski

The Instagram feed of Emilie Ristevski is a gallery of amazing pictures of different places and timing that attract your complete focus and make you forget the rest of the things. She used to travel the world with a camera 24*7 to capture every amazing thing. Whether it’s natural light or a hot air balloon, Emilie clicked all of them with detail and dedication. The Instagram account of Emilie is @helloemilie, and she has 1.3 million followers, and that fan base is also curious about every adventure Emilie is going through. If you also wanted that type of fan base for your Instagram handle, you have to post some amazing photographs and post them to your feed to get real comments on Instagram.

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Clint Johnson

Have you ever seen the greenery of grass and trees with white spread clouds in the sky with purple plants? If no, then Clint can show you that through his pictures. Well, Clint Johnson is a worldwide tourist and visited more than 100 countries. Clint Johnson is also known as a trip hacker. His motive is to click pictures of incredible places around the world. With his amazing photography skills, he has 177.4 thousand followers on Instagram and Clint invites them to travel with him. 

Melissa Hie

Everybody loves food, especially Melissa Hie. Melissa is a traveler who traveled to almost every country in the world. Melissa’s main passion is to eat different types of food across the world and capture it on the camera. Melissa’s feed is a collection of tasty food from different places in the world. Every photograph of Melissa can make you hungrier to eat the food thousands of kilometers away from your home. Melissa shows the purity, vastness, beauty, and happiness of the whole world. She will motivate you to start traveling to different attractive places. She believes that traveling is embedded in our genes; all it takes is a little push!


Traveling is the way that provides you freedom from suffering. Moving from one place to another and clicking the pictures, what a great life, isn’t it? Now that you’re aware of the travel photographers on Instagram, you can scroll through their feed and get inspiration for your travel goal. Choose the next destination where you’re going this weekend and enjoy traveling by clicking some cool photographs!

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