Types Of Photography Styles. Which one is Right for Your Wedding?

You can find many types of photographers right there in the market shooting in a different way. And as a bride, I’m sure you are pulling your hair out to pick the right one. I want you just to focus on the type of shooting style, the type of photography that you like. The shooting style is the first thing that you need to consider. There are three types of shooting style photojournalistic, posed, and Hybrid.

a). Shooting Style

1. Photojournalistic means that your photographer is literally going to follow throughout the day without instructing or directing any part of your day. It’s really rare to find a truly photojournalistic, a hundred percent Photojournalistic photographer. Because there are parts of the day that just, they need to be directed. But if that’s the style that you like, then that is the type of word you need to look for when you’re searching for that photographer photojournalistic. No direction on the wedding day whatsoever.

2. The second is posed this is a more traditional style, where every part of the day is directed. Everything is posed and manufactured and put in the right place. Every swoop of the dress is perfect. There are no wrinkles in it and it looks like something that a portrait master would have created.

3. The third style is called Hybrid. It marries the two of the styles, the Photojournalistic and the Posed, really beautifully, in a way that the photographer that is a hybrid of this will step back for Photojournalistic moments and know not to instruct or mess with the authenticity of the day. When more posed pictures need to happen, they’ll step back into directing that portion of the day.

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Now personally, our favorite is the Hybrid model, because it allows for the most authenticity on your day, while still giving you beautifully directed portraits that feel like they were naturally composed without being contrived or too fake. So, for the next consideration when trying to determine what type of style of photography you like, is the Editing Style.

b). Editing Style

1. The first is True To Color. This means it won’t turn out to be gray, or purple, or anything else. It’s going to be true to the colors, the authentic colors of your day.

2. The next is Light and Airy. A Light and Airy photographer will typically have brighter whites. There will be less contrast, less detail. So imagine your grandmother’s lace wedding dress. A Light and Airy photographer will have a beautiful, creamy background that’s bright, but that lace on your grandmother’s wedding dress may not be as detailed or have the light and shadows, the contrast in it that you’d like to see.

3. The next one is oversaturated. Now, we talked about the lime green bridesmaid’s dress earlier. But let’s say you picked a sage green bridesmaid’s dress instead, and an Oversaturated style of editing will actually take that sage dress and turn it into lime green instead, making it really, really bright. And that’s neither wrong nor right, it’s just a style, and it’s something that you need to determine whether you like as a bride or not.

4. The last one is dark and moody. A dark and moody style of editing will mean that the shadows are much more pronounced. That there’s a lot more contrast in the images. This, of course, can lend itself to a very beautiful edit. But again it goes back to what is the style of editing that you as the bride likes to see.

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The last consideration that you need to look at when it comes to the style of photography is lighting. Now I’m not going to get overly technical here. I want to keep it simple and easy to understand. And we’re going to have pictures to show you up above so that you can again see what we’re talking about.

c). Lighting

1. Natural Light photography just simply means that you’re using the available light that is around you to create and craft an image. Now the problem with Natural Light photography, strictly only natural light, is that if it rains on your wedding day, or, if you have a beautiful venue that has no windows to it, a Natural Light photographer is going to struggle because there is no available good light.

2. The second type of lighting style is Off-Camera Flash. Now, most of the wedding photographers are not only depend on the off-camera flash. They will use a mixture of both, but when it comes to Off Camera, that means that they’re going to be poles set up with lights that flash throughout the day. And you have to decide if that’s something that you as a bride want to have.

3. The third style is a hybrid style and that hybrid style simply means that when good, natural, the available light is there that the photographer will use that instead of using Off-Camera Flash. Versus, that hybrid photographer will know when there is no available light, or the light is really bad, that they’re going to be able to go ahead and make that decision as a professional photographer to bring the most out of the photography and give you amazing pictures throughout the day.

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