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The nursing profession isn’t only about making money. It’s also about saving lives and caring for patients. Labor and delivery nursing is one of the most challenging fields in the nursing industry. 

Labor and delivery nurse practitioners are registered nurses who care for pregnant women through the delivery process. Their job is such a rewarding and fulfilling one because they help to bring new life into the world. 

Furthermore, because labor and delivery nurses undergo specialized training and education, their salary is slightly above the average registered nursing salary. But how much exactly do they earn? This article will delve into how much labor and delivery nurse practitioners make in 2022. 

General Responsibilities of Labor and Delivery Nurse Practitioners

Labor and delivery nurse practitioners help care for pregnant women through their birthing process. These nurses assist the pregnant patient before, during, and after the birthing process. Some of their duties include;

  • Checking to ensure the mother and child are in good condition before labor begins, especially for high-risk pregnancies. 
  • Monitoring the length and intensity of contractions during labor
  • Help with delivery complications like blood loss
  • Serve as labor coaches to help women ease the labor pains during delivery
  • Perform all necessary tests and medications on the baby after delivery
  • Assist the new mother after the birthing process, which can include coaching on how to breastfeed the baby. 

How Much Do Labor and Delivery Nurse Practitioners Make?

The salary of a labor and delivery nurse practitioner varies greatly depending on the level of responsibility, experience, local demand, education, cost of living, and location. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a rise in the salaries of registered nurses. This was due to the rising demand for nursing services during the pandemic. 

Furthermore, data given by states that labor and delivery nurses make an average of between $70,000 to $87,000 annually. Another data given by ZipRecruiter states that some labor and delivery nurses earn an average of about $132,000 annually. These numbers will vary according to each state and country, but reports show that nurses in the US earn more than in other countries.

What States In The US Pay The Highest and Lowest Labor and Delivery Nurse Practitioner Salary?

According to a report by ZipRecruiter, New Jersey has the highest-paid labor and delivery nurses, followed closely by Tennessee and Massachusetts. Labor and delivery nurses in New Jersey earn an average of about $127,000 annually. 

Similarly, Georgia and North Carolina L&D nurses earn an average of $83,000 and $87,000, respectively, per year. These make them the lowest-paid L&D nurses.  

How Does Experience Affect L&D Nursing Salary?

Every employer wants an employee that is well-experienced in their field. The same can be said for employers of L&D nurses. Labor and delivery nurse practitioners with at least one to four years of experience tend to be about 15% more than entry-level L&D nurses. Nurses with five to nine years of work experience will make 22% more than nurses with one to four years of experience.

Similarly, veteran labor and delivery nurses with more than 20 years of work experience will be expected to make far more than those with less than ten tears of experience. Research has shown that nurses with more experience have better labor support skills. Since having good labor support skills can reduce the risk of medical complications during childbirth, it is a particular skill. 

Does Work Place Affect The Salary Of L&D Nurses?

Labor and delivery nurses can be found in the labor and delivery units of most hospitals. But they can also work in birthing centers, private clinics, and in-home settings. 

Typically, L&D nurses that work in hospital units earn more salary benefits. This is because they have the opportunity to get shift differential and overtime payment wherever they work. Babies in hospital units are born round the clock, so many L&D nurses have the opportunity to earn more than other nurses. 

Ways To Increase Your Salary as a Labor and Delivery Nurse Practitioner 

After serving as a labor and delivery nurse for a while, you might consider raising your salary status. There are many ways to increase your salary and get a better paycheck. 

Get Advanced Education

Getting advanced education is one of the best ways to ensure you get a higher salary. Registered nurses usually have at least an associate’s degree in nursing. So earning a bachelor’s degree will boost your chances of getting a high-paying job. 

Similarly, a master’s degree after a bachelor’s degree can also position you for senior-level managerial roles, which will pay more. Also, some hospitals will happily pay for your education to encourage you.

Get Certified

Adding certifications to your educational degree will boost your earning potential. One great way to show off your skills as a labor and delivery nurse is to earn the RNC-OB (Inpatient Obstetrics Nursing) certification. This certification will show employers that you know what you’re doing and will motivate them to increase your hourly pay. 

Similarly, getting the RNC-OB certification shows your patients, employers, and colleagues that you have adequate and specialized knowledge of obstetric nursing care. 

Become a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses help to fill the nursing staff shortage gap at various hospitals and healthcare facilities around the world. Becoming a travel labor and delivery nurse is a great way to increase your earning potential. Also, travel nurses don’t earn hourly rates like other nurses. 

Besides, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many healthcare facilities to introduce ‘crisis pay’ to lure travel nurses to places with a shortage of nursing staff. Some even paid their travel nurse three times the average hourly rate. 


Your job as a nurse requires you to work extra hard to meet patients’ needs. While money might not be the sole motivator for your job, it helps when you are adequately compensated for your hard work. 

Furthermore, many labor and delivery nurses report that they are satisfied with their jobs. Assisting in bringing new life into the world can be one of the most fulfilling events in an individual’s life. Labor and delivery nurses get to participate in this event. 

Whether you’re a fresh nursing graduate or transitioning into nursing, labor and delivery nursing is one of the most fulfilling fields of nursing. Hopefully, this article has shed light on how much labor and delivery nurses earn to help you make your decision. 


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