Salwar Suits

Even though a salwar suit’s existence is linked way back to the late 12th century as regular wear in India and Pakistan, it will always be an eternal part of ethnic wardrobe. Nowadays, it comes in several variations like Anarkali sets, Patiala suits, Angrakha suits, Punjabi suits, and whatnot! Having said that, salwar suits for women come in refreshing prints and patterns, constantly evolving with the ongoing trends

These days, the variety offered by online stores is incomparable. This is why shopping online has become so popular. Some may think that it is not easy, but that’s not true. You just need to follow these five simple steps: open up a site, choose a salwar suit online, add it to your cart, select your preferred payment option and proceed; it’s that simple!

But how to choose the perfect fit online?

Though buying something online is quite easy, a few points must be kept in mind. You need not trust every product you see online, rather make a reputation check on the site and the product you are viewing by checking its reviews. 

In addition to this general criterion, the following five ways may act as a helpful guide to help you surf through the innumerable suits available online and decide on the one that adds to your charm! 

  • Be aware of the event type and time

Are you wondering how to look good in a salwar suit? Then your search ends here as the answer lies in simply coordinating your wear desired salwar suit with the time and type of event you’re about to attend! For instance, light colours will suit you the best in daytime affairs, while darker colours with a tinge of sparkle will be just appropriate for celebrations at night. If you are shopping online, you must zoom in on the pictures to be fully aware of the colour combination of your preferred suit.

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Colours like sky blue, ivory white, yellow in a pastel shade, etc., look the most appealing in the daytime, while shades like black, navy blue, deep red, etc. are sure to stand out at the dimly-lit parties!

Further, depending on the occasion type, decide the extent of embellishments that can be added to the dress. Choose a salwar suit design with heavy embroidery with sequins if you are about to attend a wedding ceremony or a simple suit with light thread work for a birthday party, office party, etc.

  • Consider a fit based on your body type

Purchasing a salwar kameez that fits you right is the most important decision as a good fitting dress is a powerful tool capable of either making or breaking your look. You may feel that an online store won’t be able to provide you with a perfect fit for your suit, but the standardised measurements that it provides for all sizes tend to keep this worry at bay! 

You must choose an apt size while purchasing the ethnic salwar suit online to entail either little or no alteration requirements for later.

Again, the choice of picking up the best salwar suit design must be taken in congruence with the body shape to ace the look. For instance, an anarkali dress complements an apple-shaped figure, while an A-line dress will suit a pear-shaped body type the best. 

  • Select the prints and motifs as per your body shape

A stylish salwar suit may come in many variants. Distinctive vertical or horizontal prints and different forms of embroideries and embellishments work in favour of satisfying the worldwide demand for salwar suits. All kinds of prints appeal to eyes, but you must opt for a print that will benefit your body type.

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For instance, you can choose salwar suits with concentrated prints if you wish to appear taller and slimmer. The same is the case with vertical prints. These prints will not increase your height in inches, of course, but they will create an illusion of adding the inches that you desire. 

Prints and motifs tend to vary with occasions. For example, a scattered printed georgette salwar suit works best for formal or rather semi-formal occasions, while motifs embroidered using pearls and stones are best for occasions like wedding ceremonies or cultural events.

  • Make a careful choice of the fabric

An outfit can look elegant only if the person wearing it is comfortable enough to carry it. And since comfort mostly depends on the fabric type, it is a must for an online shopper to go through the product description with utmost care to choose the fabric that suits their needs. 

Though a heavy salwar suit will be the choice of many because of its grace, matching it with comfort standards is also suggested to let your skin breathe. You can prefer cotton and poly-cotton fabrics in summers, while fabrics like velvet, satin, polyester, silk, and organza will serve you best in other seasons.

  • Try experimenting with your outfit

Fashion is considered to be a reflection of your personality, so be free to have fun while experimenting with your outfits. If you are an ethnic-lover wondering how to look beautiful in a salwar suit by experimenting with it, then simply try and test a mix of a few attires to shoo this doubt away!

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This quirky idea of mixing and matching enhances a person’s style game and even enables the reuse of the same dress time and again in different forms. For instance, pairing up the kameez of a Pakistani salwar suit with a lehenga skirt makes the dress even more elegant, while combining a short top with a long open jacket over a baggy salwar makes the ensemble comfortable yet stylish.

These simple five ways, if followed wisely while purchasing a suit online, are sure to help as a guide to ensure you make the perfect purchase. 

Shop for the latest designer salwar suits online

A salwar suit is not only a dress but an emotion for people who love to celebrate their cultures and traditions. You can don these gorgeous suits regularly or on specific occasions based on your preferences. 

Salwar suits have received immense love not only from the Indian population but also from people abroad. So if you have a knack for these alluring attires, just follow the ways mentioned above to grab your favourite salwar suit dress without any delay.