Madrid based Jobandtalent 108m 290m – Digitising the market of labour all around the globe!!!

It is an online company based in Madrid, Spain founded in 2009 by Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navio. They are working intending to make the labour market much more fluid and easy to get to job search and hiring by slashing down all the barriers. As per the newsletter of TechCrunch Jobandtalent works as a service platform and completes $108 M for its workforce globally.  This work is a Madrid-based Jobandtalent 108m 290m to raise its funding to 290m over time. 

The job matching service of Jobandtalent technology is developed by an influential team of engineers and data scientists. They work intending to match the business requirements and jobseekers in record time. You can download the Jobandtalent app on which you can message, schedule your job search, sign the contract and select the payroll for the job of your choice at minimum risk.

How does the Jobandtalent agency connect employees and employers?

Madrid-based Jobandtalent operates as a two-sided platform to connect various workers with their employers who are in search of regular labor in diverse industries like transport, e-commerce, manufacturing, software and logistics. In this way, the company succeeded in bringing fundraising up to $108m in the first decade. 

Over its decade the agency has raised to $290m+ but describes itself as a great connection between job appliers and hunters. In recent times there are more than 750 employers registered on the platform and approx 80,000 workers have fulfilled their dreams of getting jobs as per their talent. 

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What about Jobandtalent’s expansion?

Jobandtalent reports that the number of job seekers on its platform is doubling each year, while its developed income raised to €500 million. They are putting their steps toward expanding into more markets and growing their existing footprint in diverse countries.

Though the main market of Jobandtalent Madrid service is in Spain and the UK still the co-founder of the company Juan Urdiales revealed that they are planning to expand through Europe and will consider some additional opportunities as well. He also added that the pandemic has helped the company as well as workers in terms of the adoption of this online platform. 

The staffing market will be accelerated in the coming years and will also experience a huge transformation. This structure to data-driven platforms will progress the know-how of both workforce and employers. This job market has taken several years to stand in the hearts of online people and now it is a big platform and is expanding its arms year after year. This initial public offering is on the business roadmap for the next few years. 

The founders have great thinking that if they continue growing at this pace as it is expanding now they will be at the top of the online apps for job seekers and companies. They have added some of the private investors in the growth of Madrid-based Jobandtalent 108m 290m and revealed to stay private for long period. 

Jobandtalent has faced several pivots and kicking-offs in the beginning years more than a decade ago. Then they decided to come up with a new idea of using the latest technology to rationalize the untidy and exceptionally human recruitment business. For its growth, this Madrid app started out testing various approaches before settling on the steps to create job ads alerts to loop in passive job seekers.

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Final words of Jobandtalent Madrid!!!

Though in 201, the company pivoted away from venture recruitment to focus on assembling the hiring process, still they worked hard for their survival and raised their funds from $8m to 108m. If you are a job seeker in specified fields you can download the Jobandtalent app on your smartphone where the agency has provided various opportunities to cater to the needs of employers and employees as well.

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