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Music teachers from all over the world are underrated and underpaid. They impart such a beautiful form of art in the disguise of knowledge, but seldom receive acknowledgement for it. But don’t get depressed so early. Turns out, many creative and innovative ways await to help you make more money as a music teacher.

The median salary of a music teacher in the US is around $28.62 per hour, as reported by on April 26, 2022. I’m sure that seems pretty low considering the beauty of the art that you educate.

So, given below, is a list of off-beat ideas through which any music teacher can make some extra cash.

  1. Partner up with a famous music company.

Being a solo music teacher is tough and gives you a minimum wage. Trust me, private lessons are time-consuming, yet, they don’t pay well.

In this situation, you can either join a school as their music teacher or partner up with a music company under which all types of musicians work – from the guitarists to the opera singers.

Teaching through the company will earn you much more than what you earn as a private music teacher. The company itself helps you schedule classes, and you can meet and teach a wide variety of students all at once.

  1. Teach many students at a time

Rather than focusing on one-to-one sessions, always opt to teach several students at once. For this, you must change the layout of your music room or studio to fit all the students.

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If you’re teaching a particular musical instrument, you will need a few more of them to ensure that all your students can practice together.

This way, you don’t only earn more, but can also teach several music-enthusiasts at once.

  1. Start planning your classes beforehand

Whether you are associated with a music institution or you work solo, it is very important for any teacher to effectively plan out their scheduled classes for the entire week. This prevents confusion at the last moment and helps you to remember the dates distinctively.

On days when you’ve some family commitments to fulfill and you need to cancel your classes, make sure you inform them beforehand. This will portray you as an exceptional teacher, and the word of mouth will spread faster than your expectations. After all, everybody wants a diligent tutor, right?

Further, you’ll also know your available dates this way and can always plan a show on free hours and earn some extra cash.

  1. Plan exciting ventures

Continuously teaching music can be very monotonous, both for the students and the music teacher. So, every three months charge a nominal fee from your students to organize small workshops, picnics, excursions, and so on. This will retain the students’ interests and they will feel more energized to learn and sing after this.

You can also opt for places like museums, music archives, amusement parks, and so on. Or, host competitions and musical performances, every once in a while. This way, you can help your students showcase their talents to the audience, thereby drawing in more eyes to your music school.

  1. Consider your own profession as an asset

People, who work with the art of any form, are the true masterminds of society. Therefore, deem yourself lucky to have such a talent. With it, you can spread positivity and creative imagination all over.

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So, don’t just teach music for a living, but also for the undying passion for it in you. To up your game, you can also make use of modern tech but if you’ve no idea about how to do that, take lessons from a music tech teacher and leverage all the benefits it has to offer.  

If a teacher is passionate and driven about their subject, they’ll naturally attract the students’ attention much more than the regular teachers. Be invested in your profession to trigger more creativity and productivity. Eventually, it will help you to teach your students better.

Over to you…

Music teachers have the advantage of learning while they teach. Music constitutes one of the main forms of art, and you as a music teacher must be proud of your profession because not everyone has this talent. But if you’re trying to increase your monthly income, then consider the above tips and you’re sure to end your month with some extra cash this time!


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