The films based on gaming not only interest serious casino fans, even those who have never been to Casino ever. The gambling industry has such a large player base around the world that the film industry is just naturally focusing on gambling as an interesting movie plot. Owing to their thrilling storylines and exciting screenplays, these movies are evergreen for an enthusiastic gambler and a fan of Canadian real money casinos.

Hence we have covered several good Canadian casino movies that many online casino fans find interesting and might have watched again and again. If you are an ardent Casino fan or trying to explore your luck in the interesting world of gambling, the movies listed below that were made in Canada are a must-watch, as well as 20 WordPress best themes for casino websites.

Dead Heat 

Released in 2002, this Canadian horse-gambling movie revolves around a police officer – Paly has to give up his job due to a massive heart attack while on a duty to catch a robber. His forced retirement forced him into depression and also contemplate him do suicide. His wife calls over Albert’s half-brother Ray to cheer him up. 

Ray was a small crook who convinced Pally to invest in long-short horse gambling. Ray and Paully get associated with Tony, their newfound jockey and a gambling addict. Tony owed money to the kingpin, Frank. Thereby, the plot of the movie twisted around the Paull who struck into a misfired romance, a murderer, and a mobster. The film received a nomination for DVD Exclusive Awards and won best cinematography and best actor awards. 

Lucky Girl

The 2001 movie Lucky Girl – also known as My Sisters Secret Life – tells the story of a girl named Kaitlyn who gradually becomes obsessed with gambling. The movie is plotted around the storyline of how her obsession with gambling put her under accumulating debts leading to a high degree of family tension. As much tension was brought up after Google Play Games Android news.

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In the beginning, the film shows her desire to remain right and her excitement about winning a prize from lottery tickets. Her real interest in gambling starts to fund a trip to Amsterdam with her friends. Her father advised her not to bet more than five dollars. Kaitlyn’s Father found her new interest in gambling as an innovative way of teaching mathematics to her brother.

She was so addicted to gambling that she stole her mother’s credit card and also got assaulted by her male classmates as she was not able to repay their debts. To overcome this she borrowed money from a shady loan shark – Blair Noth. She lost more money and her life became out of control. Due to her inability to repay the loan, he forced her to use her body to recover the debts. 

Kaitlyn has begun making sports betting more often leading to several bad decisions. She was addicted to internet gambling to an extent that Film directed by John Fawcett with Elisha Cuthbert and Sherry Miller.

Owning Mahowny

If you are an ardent gambling fan, you will enjoy a 2003 movie titled Own Mahowny, an exceptional Canadian gambling movie based on a real-life incident between 1980 and 82. Brian Molony is a Canadian Imperial Bank clerk who embezzled over $10 million from employers to support his gambling habits. Philips Seymour Hoffman played the role of Dan Mahonwny in the film. He is portrayed as the youngest assistant manager who got access to many big accounts that he started making monthly trips to Casino in Atlantic City.

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The screenplay of the movie is based on the best-selling book – Stung by Journalist in 1987. Molony was sentenced to 6 years after being found guilty of fraud. This movie is largely concentrated on the stifling addiction of gambling which is the nightmare of everyone fearing gambling addiction.

Hoffman played a brilliant role in the movie as a man who is helpless in controlling his gambling habit and tries to hold on to things as long as possible. But the vicious circle of irresponsible gambling landed him in jail on account of his illegal acts.

Cold Deck

Cold Deck was made in 2015 by Canadian filmmakers, making it the latest in the series. Directed by Zack Bernbaum, this film follows Bobby (Stefano Gallo who is also the film co-writer), a poker player and a compulsive gambler. After losing the streaks, he accepted the Sorvino (underworld Don) offer to rob the high-stakes poker games.

Booby’s gambling was disapproved by his invalid mother considered the gambling – a reason for Bobby’s father’s ruin. In an ambitious poker tournament, he decides to steal cars and the life savings of his grandmother, but he is eventually involved by the dangerous Turk. This movie is a true roller coaster and is a great choice for a relaxing movie night.

If you think that you have dealt with this kind of hand countless times, the dramatic heft and the discernible style of this movie will hold you back till the end. From Paul Sorvanio’s sly performance as ‘Chips’ to Bobby and company’s depth of character makes it a poker based heist film dealing in cliches.

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The Last Casino

Another movie on our list is rated among the best 5 movies for gambling in Canada. It’s a movie based on the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team. This team was a group of ex-students and students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology using sophisticated strategies including counting cards to beat the Balckiac in casinos worldwide.

This story is about an academic Barnes who had already been barred from entering casinos as he was caught using the card counting tactics by the Casino security manager, Wilson. Thereafter, he recruited three students – Scott, George, and Elyse after searching around the university to teach count cards. Out of Barnes’s compulsive gambling behaviour, he borrowed $100000 which he needed to pay in 1 week.

Barnes further tells the students to arrange $500000 in one week as they cannot afford to mess with Orr (from whom Barnes took a debt of $100000). The students made a plan to play in Quebec and Ottawa. Later on, they discovered that Barnes lied about the borrowed amount towards the end of the movie. If you love casino games and fantasize about them over and over, these incredible movies scripted around gambling will surely give butterflies in your stomach.


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