Introduction to Survival Radios & there important

Today’s age I a very advanced age; communication, traveling, and being in contact with one another has become extremely easy. Everything has become a touch away. But what happens when unfortunate disasters occur? How do we communicate with one another, then? The basic mode of communication in this age are mobile phones or cellular phones. Whenever an emergency occurs, or we want to contact a loved one, we reach for our mobile phones. According to a study, 95 percent of adults own a mobile phone, so it becomes very convenient to use them as well. What w lack to understand is while mobile phones are an easy way of communication, they are not a reliable source.

Cellular communication occurs through cellular signals. When disasters occur, cellular services are interested. When disasters occur, the normal behavior of humans dictates that they reach out to the most common source of communication, which in this age means mobile phones. But what most people do not realize is that during disasters, the mobile phone will not work, and it will become difficult to communicate with others, this can also be a cause of panic among individuals.

Ths solution to this problem is survival radios. They are specifically designed to help individuals who are facing a disaster or are unable to communicate with the rest of the world. When a disaster occurs, the rescue services carry radios to contact people stuck in disasters because radio signals do not have vulnerabilities when compared to cell phones.

What are Survival Radios?

Survival radios work on the international distress frequency, which is used to perform rescue operations during disasters and emergencies. The international distress frequency is along with wavelength signals, which can be transmitted to long distances to help and reach people who are stuck or in need of help during emergencies. Most people these days have survival kits in which they have all the important stuff they need to survive in case of a crisis of a disaster. Still, they do not give importance to the thought of communicating with the outer world when they are stuck. A survival radio will help you in communication when cellular signals and other modes of communication have been interrupted because radio signals do not depend on cellular cites for transmission, which is why they are more reliable in emergencies.

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How do survival Radios work?

The modern-day survival radios are equipped with most advanced technologies to help the receiver of the signal in identifying from where the signal is coming but also they make it easy for the senders to send signals. The modern-day radios are equipped with GPS which sends the exact location of the signal being sent to the receiver which makes it easy for the receiver to locate the sender. They also come with satellite operated communicators which allow both the sender and receiver to communicate with each other during emergencies.

Limitations of survival radios:

Like any other device, the survival radios also have their limitations. While they are the best mode of communication that you can find during emergencies, they still have  a few drawbacks:

a). Range

The survival radios are set to work within a fixed range where their signals are transmitted. They are set to communicate within the international distress frequency. This frequency is, however, a long-wavelength frequency and travels to a long distance, but your signal will only be received if there is a receiver present within that range. If there are receivers present within the scope of your radio, your signal will not be received by anyone, and you will not be able to communicate.

b). Power

Many survival radios are battery operated. While the radios use the easily available sizes of batteries, these batteries do go out of lie after some time. If you get a battery-operated radio, you will have to keep an eye out for the batteries. You will have to keep checking the batteries so that if they are dead you can replace them as soon as you can to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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c). Satellites are not always used

While most radios give you the option of communication using satellite communicators, it greatly depends on the model and type of survival radio that you get. Most survival radios work on the regular radio signaling. They do not involve any satellite communications, which can be difficult if you come across an emergency, and you have to communicate with one another.

d). Privacy

Survival radios are programmed to work on the same frequency, which is the international distress frequency. This means that anyone that programs their radio with your frequency will be able to hear your communications. While this can be an advantage if you are trying to communicate with someone or ask them for help, it can also be disadvantageous if you are sharing any private information.

 Best Survival Radios for emergencies:

it is important to get the best quality survival radio which will help you in case of emergencies and will allow you to communicate easily without any problems. Here are the best survival radios that you can get for emergencies:

a). Kaito KA500 Survival Radio is the best choice when buying a survival radio. It is made up of top quality material and is best to use in case of emergencies. The batteries are charged through solar panels, so you do not have to worry about replacing the batteries from time to time. The radio also gives weather warnings which can come in handy if you are facing an emergency or a disaster.

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b). BaoFeng UV-5R Survival radio communication system is another great choice for a survival radio. This radio allows you to transmit signals at different frequencies. The radio uses batteries to operate. It is easy to carry handheld radio, which will help you in case of emergencies and disasters.


Survival radios are a great investment towards yours and your family’s safety. You need to understand what type of survival radio suits you the best according to your needs and make a mindful investment. Even if you think it is not something you need, it is always better to prepare for something which never happens then to regret later in life.

We hope we have helped you in understanding the importance of survival radios better.




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