Glorify Your Style Statement In The Perfect Vintage Attire

Fashion style trends don’t seem to get old in any era. Styles just come back even after they are gone ages ago. People, when getting bored with a particular trend, always go back to the vintage ones. Vintage attires have a charisma of their own that we can never get tired of. People from all over the world still love styles from the ’50s or even post World Wars. Those aesthetic and sophisticated vibes are something that makes all of us go crazy for them.

Depending on the mood, these dresses can easily get styled with something modern to get that bold and classic look. A long-sleeved white wedding gown can be the choice of a bride for her vintage themed wedding. Now, vintage jackets are available as well to keep people of every age group engaged with them. Go for a new, old-school Southside serpent’s jacket and rock that vintage-themed costume party.

Many designers grabbed the opportunity in the ’40s and ’50s and took people to the whole new world of styling and fashion. The names of Ceil Chapman, Rudi Gernreich, Christian Dior, and Bonnie Cashin can’t be forgotten. Many styles were introduced that include classic skater dress, skirts, bold jackets, and many more. The best part about these vintage outfit styles is that they can instantly level-up any look with minimal efforts, have a look;

The Classic Styles with a Modern Touch:-

1. Get that bold look

Rockabilly is a fashion style inspired by the ’40s and ’50s hip hop music genre. Music icons like Johnny Cash and Elvis are the famous names of this bold music styling. This vintage style still has the limelight in many states of the USA. Dress up sexy in either a skirt, a pant, or a classy pin-up dress and get that unique edge with Rockabilly styling. Add a modern touch and go for a sharp winged liner with a bold shaded lipstick. Wear a cute bandanna to stay stuck to that vintage look. Opt for black, red, or white colors for outfits and wear a mix and match of these colors to rock and roll that party!

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For inspiration, look up to the movies like “Cry-baby,” where you can see Johnny Depp slaying this look, and “The wanderers,” showing you high-school life in a rockabilly style!

2. Are you looking for comfort in vintage attire?

Women of the ’40s and ’50s era were not seen going to the workplace and are dependent on their husbands or fathers. But now in this modern world, you are an office going woman and aren’t comfortable in those tight formal clothes, this look is specially made for you. The primary goal of this look is to get us out of our favorite PJs and wear dresses that are best for all kinds of social gatherings according to our comfort level. Look like a classic ’50s woman, get a waist-length dress, accessorize it with a delicate bracelet or a locket, a pair of beautiful pearl earrings, and look as classy and modern!

3. Cute Floral Look with Poodle Skirts and skater dresses

Skater dresses and poodle skirts were most-desired and loved by the teenagers in America in the 1950s. But now a modern woman can also add these knee-ending skirts in her wardrobe. Don’t be hesitant, and use a few styling techniques to get that elegant and gorgeous look. It would be better to wear these skirts when the flowers are all blooming-like maybe in springs. Just get a poodle skirt and go for a simple top, or a floral printed skater dress, not anything extravagant, pair them up with shoes and bag of your choice. Go for a simple hairstyle and ace that vintage attire!

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4. Doll Up and Rock That Stage

Glam up your style and go for a pretty retro prom dress. They are the full volume skirts and dresses that perfectly fit your body, enhancing the figure to give that sleek look. Women wore these dresses to the parties, young girls to their prom and ball parties, and hence these are known as prom dresses. These dresses are now the symbol of fashion among high-school girls. Just wear this dress with a perfect pair of heels, a nicely made bun and set that stage on fire!

Still hesitant to go for this look? Go for the movie ‘Prom Night’ and check the fashion style of Jamie Lee Curtis in it, and you will get convinced.

5. Feel comfortable in sweaters?

Well-knitted sweaters and sweatshirts with a pair of jeans were the hottest picks in the fashion world for years. This combo provides you a casual look with a soothing inner feeling of coziness. A Letterman sweater, also known as varsity sweater, was the deepest desire of every man and woman. High-school going sporty boys usually wore them to get the female attention, but now in this modern world, this styling is so familiar that it has crossed all the genres. We’ve seen many celebrities wearing them for their casual outings for the grocery or any social event and still looking retro-chic.

Do’s and Don’ts to Always Keep In Mind

We all want to enhance our looks in these vintage stylings, but some of us always stay in a dilemma, wondering whether these stylings suit us. Every good thing comes up with a precautionary measure, and so does these beautiful attires. Just watch out for those and keep these tips with you always;

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Don’t try to overdo. Just stick with one piece. Choose a fantastic vintage coat or skirt and flavor it up with an essential modern colored shirt and a tank top.

Always go for a mix and match of modern and vintage. Don’t go for that red lipstick and a bun with curled bangs with a vintage dress instead of current eye makeup and open hair.

Buy vintage accessories, wear those cat-eyed sunglasses, make that bun with a dramatic winged liner, and rock that bandanna. But always remember- not all of them at once!

Try to alter that vintage dress according to your comfort. Add buttons, remove those shoulder pads, and loosen that elastic, anything that feels modern yet comfortable.

Avoid being extra! That vintage will always work but not with those glittery pants and the dramatic 50’s makeup look. Stay classy but straightforward.

The craze for vintage attires always stays somewhere in our hearts. The modern forms of vintage attire like Kaneda red leather jacket for the anime fans, cute frocks with crinoline for young girls, sexy dresses for women are now available to satisfy everyone. With all the tips and stylings discussed, glorifying your look with these vintage attires is easily attainable. Just don’t hesitate and go for them now!


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