Hard to find a Perfect Long Coat? Take the Right Inspiration!

Long Coats have been a part of the wardrobe since the world started an understanding of fashion. The coat exceeds your waistline, it comes in many lengths that is to the knee or ankles. It was first made as A substitute for big serge greatcoats for the British army, later it became a fragment of luxurious clothing style. It used to dignify the character of a person. Till today the army men are portrayed with an image of it; for instance, in any past-oriented movie, lieutenant always has to be in a long coat with a cigar. Trench coats were considered British culture before, and it also interprets British people in movies and shows.

Even in the most famous television show “Peaky blinders,” the main item of cast couture includes long coats, overcoats, and trench coats. The show is based on past events that happened with British people. The series revolves around British gangs and people against them. Mark Strong trench coat in 1917 movie, this movie showed the story of British soldiers. While Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of British detective hence he too wore long coats. But now, after so many decades, long coats are an essential part of our wardrobe.

Long coats give a lavish and refined look to your outfit. It is also used to wear on any outfit to protect it. But unlike the past nowadays, these also come in various styles and types. With changing colors, materials, and styles, it is getting fixed in casual and formal outfits. Now there are so many choices to pick a long coat. The first thing to know is to know that there are two types of long coats, I-e overcoats, and trench coats.

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Overcoats are thicker as compared to trench coats as they keep you warm in chilly seasons. Trench coats give a protective layer to your clothing. Both look so similar but function differently. To get the perfect coat, first look at the condition of seasons. If it is going to be colder any time soon, then go for the overcoat. When winters have been passed and other seasons have begun, the trench coat is the perfect option for such times. If you are insisted on buying a trench coat, then go with a leather trench coat.

These are light and easy to manage coats with waterproof skin to make them more desirable. Moreover, they can upgrade a casual dress to smart casual, and it can also add some spice to formal attire. Making it easier to choose is always a concern with the trend-setters. Yes! Celebrities, just like any other dress, our most beloved celebrities have rocked trench coats too. Other than the spookiest characters of the screen, they have carried these coats in their daily lives also.


From rough street styles to chic party looks, celebrities have aced wearing long coats. It has been in fashion from Katherine Hepburn to Scarlett Johnson, every iconic lady owns it. Looking into their style-statements, including long coats, gives some layering ideas.

Kate Moss, wearing an off-white trench coat with black denim, a hat, and ankle boots, briefly illustrated this point. Moreover, many other divas are also spotted in trench coats. Like Natalie Portman also added a class to her ruffled top and cropped pants with a khaki trench coat. Both celebrities conveyed the idea of wearing a long coat in the lighter shade over darker clothes.

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While trench coats can always be used for monochromatic attires as Dita Von Teese worked a black look with a black coat, black scarf, and black pumps. When it’s about a black coat, how could we forget about Jessica Biel enjoying a party wearing a white dress layered in a black coat? Headed down to Jessica Alba to make it so cozy yet classy by wearing a navy blue coat on track pants and sneakers? Taylor schilling also took it to another level by wearing a khaki coat with a blue suit. Such a unique combination of colors, but she proved it that the right way to wear anything is your own style.


Long coats are not fixed for women only, yet many male celebrities slew with these trench coat outfits. Giving a graceful and classy vibe, Benedict Cumberbatch managed to turn everyone head to toe in love with carrying a coat that has minimum features and maximum appeal. He wore it in a formal suit along with tie and muffler to give a sophisticated and convenient look altogether.

Other than Benedict Cumberbatch portraying a detective wearing a long trench coat. Many other celebrities spotted in trench coats like Ryan Gosling in a shearling black trench coat slaying us. All these outfits of celebrities have given so many ideas to carry trench coats in different yet minimal possible ways.


After having a look at these celebrity outfits, make sure to keep your personality alive. As it has said earlier by someone that copying also needs techniques. There will always be a funky or too fancy outfit for you in such kinds of examples, so don’t hesitate to make it in your style. As you can’t always replicate any style head to toe other than universal styles. Remember to adjust a little according to your taste.

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Versatile styles, such as a monochromatic way of carrying trench coats. A black coat with all accessories in different shades of black. Another universal style like wearing a trench coat in the lighter or darker shade than your outfit. But you can always choose to wear an outfit of your choice. You can wear them at work, big meetings and parties too. Whether you are wearing a proper three-piece suit or any semi-formal outfit, it’ll make it sassy yet elegant.

These points may already have cleared your puzzling thoughts about choosing a perfect coat. Just go with something that fits you and perfect fabric according to the season with the perfect color that suits you! Modify it! Make it as you love and leave everyone in awe with your class!


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