Street Fashion, Like Never Before!

The street style originated when we finally got bored of carrying the same kind of outfits everywhere. Similar to high fashion, street fashion has evolved every year as well. We have reached a point where we can safely say that streets are no less than a low-key fashion show where we curate our best-styled outfits.

To make your day to day commute fun and exciting, here is a guide for everything you need to know about the upcoming trends in street fashion!

1. Big Sun Hats 

Summers call for extra measure to protect yourself from the sun. You can adapt your chic style to your seasonal needs by getting inspiration from celebrity outfitsLookup any idea on your Instagram account and voila! You get an extensive range of pictures from well-known celebrities to new bloggers, slaying around in your preferred style.

One accessory that has been adopted by many women to counteract the heat waves is a big sun hat. It is not just the wide-brimmed Western hat but also a more flexible and cute version of that hard-core design. Whether you are planning to flaunt a mini summer dress or shorts and jackets, your style should be breathable and light in weight to make your summertime enjoyable.

Hustling ruins the style, which is why most women prefer laying their next day’s outfit at night. But this can work with your work outfits and formals, no one here has time to set clothes for a grocery run or a dentist’s appointment. Especially for moms, the addition of a pink or yellow sun hat with celebrity-inspired mom jeans is a cool outfit for a random stroll out in the park.

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2. Experiment every day! 

In this scorching heat, shift to trying out some brilliant outfit pairing that you will never try in other seasons. This season is an ideal time to blend in some patterns with flower prints and to take things to the next level with an embroidered crop top over plain tanks.

Bright hues like mustard yellow and green work best with white. But color contrasting is a trend that spikes every year during the heatwave. Apart from the outfit pairings, experiment a bit with footwear and headgear. Bandanas, headbands, and quirky boots are the way to go!

Besides the casual cropped jackets, lightweight cotton jackets and blazers also add a cute touch to your overall outfit. Strolling in tanks and shorts all day becomes typical after a particular time. When the summers are staying longer than the usual time, you need more options for everyday style!

To make sure you stand out even in this weather, you can trust celebrities without batting an eye. From Gigi Hadid to Lady Gaga, their feeds have at least one snap with a sun hat that maximizes their summer vibes. Frills, patterns, polka dots, and lines should be on your list when you decide to experiment with your casuals!

3. Athleisure 

When leisure and athletic style mixes, you get a fusion that rocks more than any other style these days. Athleisure is the top choice among young adults and working adults. It offers mobility, functionality, and efficiency that many comfy casuals lack. With extra pockets and stitching that supports the weather conditions and provides comfort, this style is paving the way for another type of casuals that look inspired by gym clothes and loungewear.

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If you are a person who has a lot on their plate and has to juggle between jobs, errands, and responsibilities, then this style is invented for your kind solely. To help you manage your everyday tasks while looking chic, you can wear jeggings with graphic hoodies or yoga pants paired with blazers.

Just because it has an aspect of casual sportswear, it does not mean it caters to athletes and their leisure time apparel. It is for everyone and can be called the new wave of street style! One rule of thumb with athleisure is to minimize the addition of accessories as it gives this casual combo an unnecessary formal touch that beats the point of its invention.

4. Bring back the 70s

All around you, ultra-modern and uber-chic apparel is making new appearances. One style that looks different from most current trends but looks just as classy is the old-school pairing. You can take out the t-shirt your mom used to wear in her college days and pair it with a baggy bomber jacket and quirky pants to go out in a perfect 70s look!

A vintage biker leather jacket exhibits the same charm and style a newly made leather top layer does. If not equal, then definitely more than that. But what makes it a favorite for women is its flexible nature of pairing with dresses, skirts, onesies, and tops that do not go with anything else.

Basic sneakers, trainers, and even wedges, to create an authentic and classy vintage outfit. Complete it with summer accessories including the following items:

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a). Wide shades with a tinge of white here and their

b). Headbands with quirky patterns to show off your extra side

c). Long boots to go with the cowgirl aesthetic

d). Anklets for a charming appearance

5. Merge the patterns and prints!

Once you start experimenting with your outfits, you cannot go back to the stereotypical fashion. You are bound to take on the risky options (only for the time being) that start feeling like your second nature after some time. Old vintage frill dresses in cropped cotton jackets or bell bottoms with a plain top and denim outerwear are some of the pairings you can have while merging styles.

Vintage can be an experiment for you, just like athleisure would be for some people. You can even go as far as merging these two types to come up with something that is purely you in every way. Fashion comes with zero boundaries – one of the perks you should utilize every day!