Who Was Gabriel Kuhn?

Gabriel Kuhn was the main character of the story that is gained in light of social media networks. The story is about one of the most searched murder cases in this world including Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry, Gabriel was murdered in 2007. His death shocked millions of people across the globe due to the brutality of the case and the way it was performed by Daniel Patry. Here is everything available about Gabriel’s personal information regarding the murder case on the internet

The character of Gabriel Kuhn!!!

Gabriel Kuhn was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1995. He was the son of an established family. He was good at studies and was an obedient child. He was just the opposite of Daniel Patry who murdered him for the sake of landed money. He was killed by his friend Daniel Patry in 2007 when he was only 12. Reports put forward the story and proposed that he was severely killed by the adolescent. 

Daniel Patry who killed Gabriel was a recalcitrant and aggressive child. As long as he is upset he reacts with great aggression and had a past filled with being rough. He also received a few sittings of psychiatric treatment, but he always dumped and did not complete his sittings for the treatment. His parents failed to help him and permitted him to be violent. He was expelled from school and entertained with TV and then switched to an online video game. 

Because of online gaming, Gabriel Kuhn came in contact with Daniel Patry. Although they were neighbours still they were not in contact personally. Daniel was four years older than Gabriel, still, they became friends through an online game named Timid. They often chat and play together although Gabriel Kuhn’s parents have some restrictions on Gabriel spending time with Daniel after knowing about his mental condition of him.   

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History of the murder of Gabriel Kuhn!!!

Gabriel Kuhn’s murder story is a long history of violent bangs. When both friends started playing online then one day Gabriel asked Daniel for some chunk of money. Patry gave him cash on the condition to return the money. Gabriel failed to return the virtual money at a specified time then Daniel was offended by Gabriel’s behavior and furious with him. 

On the day of the crime, Gabriel Kuhn’s mother came to the house at 9:00 pm. Daniel visited Gabriel’s house to kill Gabriel Kuhn, but Gabriel did not open the door. Daniel assured him if he would say sorry for his bad behaviour, then he will forget everything and all matters will be solved. Gabriel heard this and supposed him to be normal, and opened the door for his friend. Daniel entered hastily and closed the door from inside. 

After entering his house Daniel came to his purpose and beat Gabriel cruelly. At first, he tortured him a lot by certain means then took his senses. Gabriel tried to warn him by saying that he will publicise his family secrets. Daniel, this thing made Daniel more furious and clamped a rope around Gabriel’s neck. 

Gabriel Kuhn tried to preserve himself from Daniel by any means but he failed to do so. He was filled with blood after being beaten by Patry. When Gabriel asked him to leave then Daniel began to giggle silently looking at him. Gabriel screamed at this incident and yelled in terror but this made Patry more horrid to beat him with more unkindness. 

At first, Daniel wrapped a string around Gabriel’s neck and kept clutching until the boy lost his senses. Secondly, he had another thought afflicting Gabriel. He brought a hacksaw from the garage of his home and started to cut his body parts with cruelty.

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After taking all this on his body Gabriel Kuhn returned to his senses and cried to call for any help. He was crying in pain and dripped with blood from top to bottom. Petry did not stop and kept wounding him like anything. He tried to hand him at the door of his house but Gabriel was heavy enough that Patry did not pick him up to hand. Then he got an idea and cut Gabriel’s left leg in anger. Gabriel was shocked by his deed and suddenly stopped screaming. But Patry did not stop, he continue to cut him and then cut his right leg too violently. 

The autopsy report and detailing of Gabriel’s body!!!

According to the report it was revealed that Gabriel was alive after cutting his both legs but after a few minutes he dies due to heavy bleeding and pain. Daniel tried to hide his dead body in the darkness of the house. To accomplish this task he tied his body with cables and wires and then tried to hang him. He did not succeed in doing so and was determined to toss Gabriel’s body at the front door of his house. 

gabriel kuhn and daniel perry photos

After a few hours, Gabriel’s mother reached home and found his son’s body at the entrance of the house. This sight frightened his mother and she ran out of the house into the street. One of her neighbor saw Gabriel Kuhn’s mother running here and there shouting and then he saw his dead body. He was also surprised to see Gabriel’s body entirely dripping wet in blood and he ran to call the police without any delay.

The police came immediately and examined the case and found the whole case in Gabriel’s computer where it was captured.  They arrested Patry right away from his house. Patry accepted that he killed Gabriel for not repaying his money. Police alleged a rape case against Gabriel on him but he denied it by saying that he is not gay. Now the story has again come into the limelight after the autopsy reports of Gabriel came out.  

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Although the report of the autopsy of Gabriel has been exposed on social media, yet there is no autopsy picture is found now. But, some photos of the crime scene that were captured on Gabriel’s computer are getting viral on the Internet. Moreover, how Daniel was murdered is a horror story because his terror did not stop until strangling Gabriel.

For what reason Gabriel Kuhn was killed by Daniel Patry?

The exact reason for this murder was just USD 1.75 that Daniel landed to Gabriel Kuhn. The reason for lending 20,000 was to use it as token money in an online game. This was not the actual money, it was digital money to enter into the game to continue playing a certain level. 

Gabriel promised to repay at a certain time when he refused to pay back, Daniel became angry and murdered the poor soul Gabriel harshly. Thus, we can say that a single game and digital cash became the major reason for the death of a young child. As we all know that it has become a trend nowadays to play online real games and to spend digital money in this regard. 

This virtual money of 20,000 coins was never repaid by Gabriel Kuhn, but it cost the life of a little boy Gabriel at the age of twelve only. This murder happened in Blumenau, Brazil and the whole purpose for the cruel killing was an online game Tibia and the money landed for that. 

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