Dental implants: what happens before and after?

We all know it: more than anything, dental health is significant. We know it. But, there is various misconceptions among the patients regarding dental clinics. Many believe that dental checkups are painful. No, it is wrong. People don’t have accurate knowledge and it leads them to severe dental conditions as they don’t visit the dentist. It is why we need to answer some of the very basic questions regarding dental implants.

Let’s see some of the frequent doubts that usually appear before the possibility of having a Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata and their answers.

What tests do they do before deciding?

Normally, the first thing the specialist for Dental Braces in Kolkata performs an imaging test, which allows obtaining a good vision of the bone to verify that it is possible to correctly implant the new part. The gum is also examined to see if it is healthy. On the other hand, the specialist will assess the occlusion of the mouth to ensure that the implant area will not receive more pressure than adequate.

What can happen after the test?

If there is an infection of the gum, the problem must be solved beforehand. If the problem is that there is not enough bone, it can sometimes be regenerated using bone from the same patient or from cattle. But if the gum does not heal or you cannot generate enough bone mass, the implant will have to be discarded. Then the classic “bridge” is performed.

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Are all implants the same?

Keep in mind that not all have the same quality. It is advisable to ask for several estimates and to be well informed: some offers do not include all the processes of implant placement, such as the fixation of the crown or prosthesis that goes over the implant. When choosing an Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata professional, this must be a dentist or a maxillofacial surgeon.

Do you notice or see that you are carrying one or more? No, the implants are not visible. In addition, the artificial teeth that are placed on them are designed to look natural and proper to the person wearing them.

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