What Does Dining-In Look Like With The New Restrictions In Place

The way we eat & where we eat has changed completely as a result of the coronavirus.

Countries around the world are now starting to ease their restrictions, and meanwhile, people are desperate for the experiences they have been missing. And one of the most commonly missed experiences is dining at a restaurant. 

We have heard bad news for months, but finally, there is a glimmer of hope out there. After months of lockdown and self-quarantine, the restrictions are finally starting to ease here in Australia.

Restaurants have found a way to re-create the dining experience safely despite the craziness going on around them. Whether that requires temperature checks, one person per four square meters, they have gotten creative to serve their guests while maintaining social-distancing measures.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from the new dining experience with new social distancing restrictions.

1. Digital Menus

Most restaurants in Australia have started using large screens to display their menus and minimize physical contact. Don’t be surprised if your favorite restaurant also implements a digital menu.

Paper menus are no longer safe as the menu gets passed around too many people increasing indirect physical contact. You can easily watch the screens and make your order while avoiding contact with a high-touch surface. 

On the other hand, it’s also easy for restaurant owners to update their menus to change specials, prices, and availability faster. 

2. Contactless Payment

Similar to the digital menu, which encourages less contact, now many restaurants will also only be allowing contactless payment methods. Customers are encouraged to use an electronic payment method like credit or debit cards, phones, or other payment-enabled devices.

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People should use tap and go payments –or their phones to make payments and avoid the use of cash, which can be covered in germs and could easily increase the spread if we aren’t careful. 

3. A limited number of people

In many states, the number of patrons per enclosed space will be increased gradually. If you are planning to dine-out or celebrate any occasion – remember group numbers are limited to 20 people, together at the same table, including children/infants.

However, for larger groups, you can book multiple tables, but tables remain 1.5 meters apart.

4. Information Collection

Although the restrictions are lifting slowly, for better prevention and tracking, you will need to provide your first name and contact number if you stay at the restaurant for more than 15 mins.

In the case of a coronavirus positive person, it will be easier to contact all other people who were present during dining. All the details like Name, contact number, date, time, dining area/room, and table number will be recorded and kept secret. After 28 days, all the records will be destroyed.

With all this information, please don’t forget to maintain your hygiene like using a mask or hand sanitizer. Everything is changing day by day, so you should also check the local /state laws before you plan for any event/dining out. 

It is essential to have up-to-date information, ensuring you’re following all the legal regulations or laws. Each individual and restaurant can be fined a certain amount if they are found to be violating the restrictions rules.

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