Advances in Hair Salon Technologies

Technological advancements are taking over normal ways of life, and the beauty and hair industry is not being left behind. Virtual Reality, advanced hair color blending machines, physical innovations such as anti-frizz hair dryers, and more are just a few precedents in the hair salon technologies that are helping salon owners stay ahead of the game. Customer needs and expectations keep evolving. The modern hair salon client is after convenience and fast delivery. Thankfully, hair salon owners and managers are able to keep up with these demands with the help of technology. What’s more, salon owners can now enjoy streamlined processes and invaluable data analytics crucial in managing and strategizing business success. If you are focused on succeeding in the future, keeping up with the latest hair salon technologies would be a wise decision. That being said, we list below 5 technologies that will set your hair salon up for a successful future.

1. Online scheduler software

The rise of online shopping is allowing customers an unprecedented level of convenience in their lives. The good thing about hair salon online booking is that it extends this level of convenience to their hair needs. They can book appointments when it is the most convenient for them in the comfort of wherever they are. What’s more, they have the ability to book their favorite hairstylist or change their appointment if something comes up.  When customers are able to book online, it allows salon owners more time that could have otherwise been used receiving calls or perusing through the appointment book. They are also able to send SMS or email reminders that limit no-shows, late coming, or clients showing up when it’s not their time. That’s not all, online scheduler software is a multi-purpose solution that lets you do more than just schedule clients’ appointments. The software can also:

  • Help you with inventory management so that you never miss an order.
  • A POS feature for easier payment processing.
  • Give you valuable customer information that can enhance your customer service and digital marketing efforts.
  • Portray a positive first impression to your customers, painting a picture of a business that is focused on customer satisfaction.
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Tapping these features not only benefits your business now. It also helps you put in place strategies that set your business on a growth trajectory and future success.

2. Virtual imaging

Days are gone when customers wished they would see how a certain style or color would look on them before it was fixed. While seasoned hairstylists can predict the outcome with a bit of accuracy, they rely on guesswork, which ends disastrously most of the time. With virtual imaging, customers’ consultations sessions about hairstyles and hues are never the same. Customers can have virtual hair try-ons that lets them explore different hairstyles and colors. This technology offers over 90% accuracy in results, resulting in happy and satisfied customers. Such technology can be found in smart mirrors that come with a hidden camera and on-mirror display. Hairstylists control it with a tablet and customers can see the different looks right in front of them. Some programs are advanced with features such as makeup tools, eyeglasses, and more options for hairstylists to explore more possibilities.

Successful customer consultations are important in building trust and cementing your credibility. Investing in VR equipment can help you improve your customer service game, crucial for business success in the days to come.

3. Physical and chemical technologies

When clients step into a salon, they expect more than just a nice hairstyle. They also need their hair to be protected from becoming brittle. The least salons can do is use products and equipment that guarantees hair protection for their clients. Thankfully, technological inventions in tourmaline hair straighteners, anti-frizz hair dryers as well as advanced cosmetics and treatments are making this possible for hairstylists. These appliances use active ion technology to reduce frizz and static. Hair straighteners are fitted with ceramic plates while blow dryers have seamless bristles that allow digital heat control leading to enhanced heat distribution. With better heat distribution, the chances of over-drying are significantly reduced, which prevents brittle or dry hair. On the other hand, innovative hair treatments and products use nanotechnology and heat adaptation. With this technology, it becomes possible for color processing and conditioning to happen at room temperature, eliminating the need to use a hairdryer.

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Brittle and dry hair is ugly to look at and frustrating to deal with. No client wants to see her hair shedding or with annoying tangles. That is why they always choose hair salons where their hair protection is guaranteed. Investing in these appliances and hair treatments is a catalyst for customer retention and a good start for a successful business in the future.

4. Hair color blending machines

These machines are allowing hair color experts endless possibilities when it comes to creating different hair colors and chromes. Customers no longer have to choose from the limited color selections available in the market. With a hair color blending machine, hairstylists can come up with any color that a consumer desires by mixing a few available colors.  This is especially beneficial in attracting young and adventurous clients who want to experiment with different hair colors. A plus: this demographic is untapped and shows great potential now and in the future. Offering products that are enticing to them can help you turn these young people into repeat customers.  That’s an investment in the future of your hair salon business.

5. Webcam

Video conferencing technology has proven invaluable in the COVID-19 pandemic era. People are now embracing it for consultations and appointments that don’t require moving out of the house. With webcams, salons can now offer online consultations, saving their clients the need to drive all the way to the salon. Hairstylists can observe clients’ hair on video and offer recommendations. The advantage of online consultations is that it becomes easier to manage queues more efficiently, as well as offer enhanced customer experience to clients. A webcam can also come in handy in preparing instructional videos for social media and email marketing. You can be sure that enhanced customer experience, streamlined processes, and effective social media marketing are all ingredients of future success.

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A while ago, it would have been hard to imagine hair salons and technology in one sentence. But, the times are changing. If you haven’t yet embraced technology in your hair salon, you can be sure that your competitors are a step ahead of you. Hair salon technologies can be quite expensive. However, you can start somewhere and keep adding with time.    




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