5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Australia

According to recent studies, Australia is the 18th most expensive country to live in! Yet, it is one of the most sought-after destinations for ex-pats. Also, students wanting to study abroad love to settle in Australia due to its quality education.

And why not? The quality of life and the beautiful locations in Australia makes it one of the best places to live. 

When it comes to moving to a new country or changing cities, there are many things to consider—for instance, the estimated price of living in a city. No one wants to live in a city where half of their earnings go towards rent! Other factors include growth, investment opportunities, quality of life for a family, and more. 

Keeping all these things in mind, below is a list of cities best suited for living in Australia. 

Here are the best places to live in Australia where you can live:- 

1. Cairns- for cheap but beautiful locations

Do you prefer to live in the outskirts of the city? Is the big city lifestyle not your cup of tea? Then, Cairns is the perfect city for you. It is a beautiful city in Northern Queensland which is also a popular destination for travelers.

You probably heard of the Great Reef Barrier? Cairns is home to this marvelous coral reef in Australia, the largest in the world.

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The current population here is around two lakhs, making it less crowded than the big cities of Australia. The estimated living cost here is 225 AUD per month. It is quite cheap given that the city may be small, but it has international living standards due to being a popular tourist destination.

2. Kellyville- for best opportunities

Want to live in a Suburb? Then go for Kellyville, which is a suburb in New South Wales. An estimate of the population from 2020 shows that the current population of Kellyville is 26,719. There are many reasons to shift your base to Kellyville, and one of them is a high return. The real-estate scene here is great, and you get a spacious, low-maintenance house within your budget.

Intrigued by Kellyville? Then be part of Montane Apartment development, especially if you are a healthcare worker. There is a discount for frontline workers you cannot miss.

3. Gold Coast- cheap city for a student

Are you a student looking to study in Australia? Then, Gold Coast city is perfect as it is affordable, with good education, with great entertainment value. It has mesmerizing beaches and an alluring nightlife, which will appeal to all students. The city is full of affordable bars, food cafes, and more. However, the education system here is one of the best too.

South Cross University and Bond University are two great educational institutions here. The former is affordable with an excellent curriculum, while the latter is one of the best with a high-fee structure. For students, there are plenty of affordable accommodations here. The total population as of 2020 is 635,191, while the estimated cost of living here is 1,280AUD.

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4. Hobart for its great housing prices

If you are looking for cheap housing options in Australia, shifting to Hobart may be best for you. Hobart, the beautiful capital city of Tasmania state, is a great place to build a family home. Sure, the prices are rising in most cities, but it is still cheaper to live here than in Melbourne or Sydney.

For a family of four, the estimated cost of living here is 4,546 AUD. The total population here is 2,32,670.

5. Adelaide- a best suburb

Adelaide is another cheap city with great housing prices to live in. The estimated price of living here is approx 2000 AUD. If you live here, you cut the rent by 20% and get to enjoy fine wineries too. Current population- 1,345,445

Australia is an incredible, beautiful, and friendly country. If you are thinking of moving here, these are a few of the best cities to live in here. They aren’t the main cities, but they have culture, education & great lifestyle. Also, they are less expensive than the mainland cities like Melbourne or Sydney. If you live in Australia and want to shift base from other cities, then also, these present great options.

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