The Benefits of a Nectar Bed

Your bedroom is meant to be your oasis to escape the stress of the day and enjoy a good night’s sleep. While there are a handful of things you can do decor-wise to truly make your bedroom a calming environment, it all starts with having the right mattress for you to lay down and relax on.

While there are so many mattress brands on the market, Nectar is getting in the game, providing a new-age design with comfort levels that can make an evening that much more restful. Here are some of the benefits that Nectar has to offer.

Ideal for Back Sleepers

We all have a different way of settling into sleep. Some folks are siding sleepers, others even lie on their stomach. However, the Nectar bed is designed to give back sleepers the best night’s rest that is easier on their spine. With a medium-firm memory foam design, these new mattresses are the best to provide a comfort layer that will prevent the aches and pains that come for some back sleepers who sleep on too soft of a mattress.

Medium-firm or firm mattresses, particularly those with memory foam or gel memory foam like Nectar, are the best for limiting discomfort and molding the body. This allows the spine to be properly aligned through the evening, avoiding discomfort and gaining restorative sleep with the help of this foam design. Firmness prevents sinkage as you would see in a softer mattress or one that still has coils. This is also better for overall pain relief in the long term.

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Better Edge Support

Better Edge Support

When weighing memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses, you’ll want to take advantage of a new mattress with Nectar that offers adequate support no matter your size. These firmer mattresses offer better edge support, letting you sit, lie, or bend without tumbling out of bed. These memory foam mattresses provide enough support for the entire body, never slumping or causing sinkage like you may have to deal with from a soft mattress.

Nectar Sleep’s designs put less stress on the muscles throughout the night, allowing you to wake up with fewer aches and pains on a medium-firm mattress that provides deep pressure relief. A foam mattress keeps the body in a neutral position, allowing for proper alignment whether you find yourself going to bed on the edge of the mattress or the middle of the mattress. This prevents tossing and turning all night, which leads to a lack of solid REM sleep. This also makes sure that sensitive areas are accounted for in terms of pain relief.

Decreasing Stress

Decreasing Stress

Nectar’s mattresses and their medium-firm feel are designed to make sure that their support layers allow for the best night’s sleep, uninterrupted, as you may experience on a spring mattress. A Nectar mattress is designed to let you sleep more comfortably with enough support from a strong memory foam core. Medium-firm mattresses are a great option for decreasing stress, putting a sleeper in a position of comfort that allows your neck and back to be positioned properly. This alleviates pressure points that trigger stress and tension throughout the body.

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Nectar foam beds are available in a variety of sizes and actually come with trial runs that will let you determine if it’s the right replacement for your current mattress. Plus, Nectar allows for delivery right to your door, rather than having to worry about having proper transportation to and from a mattress store of your defective mattress and your new model. Be sure to evaluate the options in your price range to make sure you can reap the benefit of a comfortable mattress from Nectar Sleep as soon as possible.



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