Going on vacation offers the chance to experience luxury living for a few weeks, in which it’s easy to envy to the hotel bedroom you’ve been staying in. Whether it’s the plush bed, the smart wooden integrated furniture or the fancy mood lighting that takes your fancy, there’s something about a boutique hotel interior that really enhances our mood.

Wishing you could have this at home? Well, look no further. Below, we’ll walk you through 5 easy ways to bring the luxury of a boutique hotel style bedroom to your own home. 

  • Create a Statement Bed

The number one focus on your bedroom should be the bed. Once you get this main feature right, the rest will fall into place. For the frame itself, it depends on the style of your home, whether that be a country cottage, a modern townhouse or city living. One thing many hotels have is a statement bed frame with a large headboard. The Divan Beds Centre has a wide range of bed frames to choose from, with many providing ample under-bed storage to hide away anything that could distract from the attention of your fantastic bed. 

In addition the frame, the way you dress the bed is just as important. If you can, try to go for luxurious sheets with a high thread count. Soft neutral colours like whites and coffee colours often work best, with a range of scatter cushions of different sizes and a luxurious throw to top it off. 

  • Lighting

Lighting is hugely important when it comes to setting the mood of your room and creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. As well as your main light source, you should have multiple sources of indirect lighting such as lamps, spotlights or LED strips under the furniture.

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LED lighting strips are relatively cheap to buy and can easily be self-installed, controlled from your smartphone to create the right level of ambience. When it comes to lamps, why not look in a local thrift store to see what you find. There are often some impressive purchases hidden and can create an old luxurious boutique hotel vibe. 

  • Mirrors

One thing that usually characterises a hotel room is the multitude of mirrors that bounce light from all corners of the room. This could be ideal in your own home where the windows are not as large as a hotel room, and you need to aid the additional light flooding the room.

Place the mirrors in strategic places that will bounce light around the room. If you’re going for grandeur, a large free-standing mirror lent against the wall could be a good option. Another ideal place to hang them is either side of the bed, above your bedside tables. This way, the light from the lamps either side will bounce of the mirrors, offering a warm glow around the room. 

  • Choose Nice Artwork

A boutique hotel room is never complete without some unique artwork on the wall. The type of art will depend on the style of your room and what theme you have gone with. While canvases look great, these are often best left for larger entry spaces in the home, while abstract pieces and framed prints work well in the bedroom.

If you’re going for a city vibe, opt for black and white silhouette paintings that will bring an air of elegance to your room. If you have a modern city feel, a standalone abstract piece on a focus wall is a great option. 

  • Don’t Forget the En-Suite
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Just like any luxury hotel, the en-suite is an extension of your bedroom and will carry the mood. Don’t forget to decorate this area too, keeping it streamlined and clutter free. 

Overall, creating a luxury boutique style bedroom can be quite easy to achieve. Simply follow the above points and you’ll begin to see it all come together nicely, leaving you feeling like you’re on a permanent vacation.


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