Body Rider Brf700 Upright Fan Bike Expert's Review

In the busy routine that we have nowadays, we don’t have time to go to the gym or engage in outdoor exercise, but you don’t need to worry. This is the place where body rider fan comes into play. The body rider BRF700 is a very basic and less expensive bike that offers you full-body cardio workouts. Body rider BRF700 fan upright exercise bike is undoubtedly one of the most popular indoor cycles available nowadays. 

Body rider BRF700 fan upright exercise bike consists of handlebars that are movable and are attached to the pedals of this machine. The bike is constructed very durably, it can support almost 113 kg weight safely. Its lightweight makes it a more preferable option as compared to other options. When it comes to storage or placing the machine then it only needs a little space, or in the other words, it needs less area where it is to be placed. All these things are also mentioned in the expert body rider BRF700 reviews 

Body rider BRF700 is undoubtedly an awesome creation and here are the reasons why I like it so much: 

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Frame and build: 

The construction of the body rider BRF700 consists of a strong steel frame, the fan, and a chain drive cover which is made up of ABS material. The overall dimensions of this machine are that it is 42’’ long, 20’’ wide, and 47’’ high. Hence this simply means that if you want to place this machine then you would be needing an area that measures 3’5’’ in length and 1’7’’ in width. 

This machine has a pretty small footprint and it is still very stable because of the base that consists of steel stabilizer bars and rubber end caps. The base is very floor friendly also. You need to know that the machine has no transport wheels for easy movement but sliding it along the surface won’t be any problem because this machine only weighs 47.3 lbs. However, moving it on a rugged carpet would be a bit tricky

Seat: The seat of the body rider BRF700 fan upright exercise bike is cushioned and many bike rider reviews also claim the seat is primarily designed to ensure the maximum level of comfort. But if you still feel that the comfort level needs to be enhanced then you can get yourself a gel seat cover. 

The seat of this bike is two-way adjustable, which means that you can adjust it vertically upward as well as downward, and this is how this machine can easily be used by people up to 6’ tall. Adjusting the seat would take a short while because it is an easy process 

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Pedals: pedals of this bike are designed to provide an anti-skid effect because they have adjustable safety straps. The pedals are made up of a strong nylon cord and a steel core. This machine can easily accommodate users of different foot sizes. You need to know that the handlebars and the pedals are well-connected which means that the movement of both of them is not independent. 

Handlebars: as we know that this machine has a set of dual-action handlebars. Due to these handlebars, the user can engage his upper and lower body muscles during an exercise or workout. These handlebars have an anti-slip soft rubber foam material which provides comfort and ensures a good grip. 

This is a good feature because the user can work out for a longer duration without having slippage or blisters in the palms. The most important this that the user should be aware of is that the handlebars, do not integrate EKG HR sensors and this is the reason why the user would not be able to monitor his heart rate. For doing that you can use an external heart rate monitoring device.  

The drive: This machine is equipped with a chain drive system similar to the one that a road bicycle has. It has a chain, durable cranks, sprockets, and a fan flywheel also. Well. The operation might not be as smooth as the belt drive but it is not very disturbing or annoying. It would give you a feeling as if you are riding a road bike 

The best part is that you can ride the bike near your family members or neighbors because it won’t disturb them at all. The best part is that the exercising body, can also listen to the music of choice or watch television series without increasing the volume. But keep in mind to lubricate the chain frequently as it helps in the smooth operation of the bike. If you take proper care of the chain then its strength is maintained and it lasts longer than the belt. 

Resistance: this machine also has a fan resistance system, but the resistance is not dynamic. The resistance in the machine is generated by the tension strap belt, and the belt is looped around the fan flywheel. The adjustment knob allows you to increase or decrease the grip on the flywheel when you turn it clockwise or anticlockwise respectively. 

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The resistance enables the user to perform workouts at many intensities, and it can be improved also. In case if you want to increase the level of resistance generated by the machine then the belt strap around the fan flywheel can be re-looped and you can make it tight manually. If one follows the instructions given in the manual properly then he can do all this without seeking professional help. 

You need to keep in mind that the belt strap wears out after some time and you need to replace it from time to time. The fan air does not play any specific part in generating resistance but it only offers a light cooling breeze to the exercising person while performing a workout. 

The console: the bike is equipped with a console. This console consists of a non-backlit LCD monitor in it. By using this machine you can track many useful statistics related to workout such as calories burned, distance, time, and speed. This console is placed at the top of the fan flywheel and if you view it in a well-lit environment then it is easy to read. 

The SCAN function is responsible for showing the workout values after some time. You should also know that the user can also fix a metric to constantly display without bringing any variation in something. The bike also has a navigation button which is present on the console and the manual explains how to use it. The navigation button is easy to use

A 2 AA battery powers the monitor and you can replace them from the console’s back. For saving the batteries the monitor shuts down automatically after it is inactive for almost 4 minutes on the bike and it turns on when the machine returns to activity. By pressing the navigation key you can turn it on and off manually also

The good part is that the bike can fit well in the corner of my home, and I can easily make the machine slide on the hardwood floor. There is no difficulty in lifting it because it is easy to lift as well. The assembly of the bike is also not too bad and the tools are manufactured with it but to avoid any kind of frustration you better use your tools. 

No doubt that the bike is constructed very finely, the arms of the machine move with it and you cannot lock them by any means, so in this case, you can put your arms aside for a while just like I do. The manufacturer claims that the seat is upgraded but I would say that it is still uncomfortable and it specifically hurts if anybody would go on a long trail ride, so for this all you can do is buy a gel seat cover. 

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Another thing is that you cannot replace the seat, it can only be adjusted at some angles and the height of the user’s choice. Moreover, you need to know that you can not keep all the bolts from coming unbolted. On using it every day I have to retighten its bolts often. Overall this bike is a pretty good investment and is very affordable also, so you can say that it is pretty good as a family bike also. 


  • Due to the design of the handlebar, it is easy to do a full-body workout, hence involving the upper and lower body muscle groups in the exercise
  • The machine can be assembled quickly and easily
  • The bike has an adjustable seat and height can also be adjusted and that’s why it is ideal for users having 6 feet height 
  • It has an internal fan that creates a cooling breeze and it keeps the user energized during the workout
  • Can support a weight of over 113 kg
  • It is compact and light in weight and does not occupy much space 
  • The footprint is compact and there is no reliance on mains power, this means that you have much more flexibility where it is positioned
  • Low impact helps in the protection of your joints and that is why it helps in rehabilitative exercise
  • It has low maintenance 
  • It is strong and sturdy
  • It has a chain drive system that mimics the operation of a real road bike 


  • That machine has no transport wheels 
  • It has no bottle holder or tablet holder 
  • Some people find the seat uncomfortably hard because of the longer cycling workouts
  • The large fan creates a bit more noise than the magnetic resistance cycle 

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