It’s important to make sure you have some peace of mind when you get behind the wheel of your car. Auto insurance allows you a sense of safety in the event of an accident, especially if you end up damaging someone else’s vehicle or property.

However, insurance companies can send their premiums surging depending on a litany of factors from your credit score to your driving habits. Here are some ways you can bring down your monthly spending on your car insurance policy.

Reduce Coverage


Oftentimes, drivers look at a car insurance quote and are uncertain about pricing. The truth is that some car owners don’t take into consideration how often they drive, where they drive, and what you drive. If you find yourself just driving to and from work or school, you don’t need a comprehensive insurance policy.

Your auto insurance rates are increased by expanded protection such as collision coverage to repair damage to your car if it crashes into another vehicle or object. Comprehensive car insurance will cover a stolen car or a vehicle damaged by weather or vandalism.

If your car is worth less than your deductible plus the amount you pay annually in premiums, it’s time to drop that coverage. Evaluate whether it’s worth dropping that much money on an insurance policy that won’t truly give you the best rate in the event of an accident claim. This is also recommended for people with older cars or clunkers. It may actually make more financial sense to set aside a rainy day fund than to spend on a litany of liability coverage that won’t cover your costs down the line.

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Vehicle Upgrades


You may need more comprehensive car insurance to accommodate any upgrades you make to your vehicle or the addition of new technology. However, enhanced safety measures can actually save you on your insurance rate. Take LoJack for example. LoJack is a vehicle recovery system that helps owners and law enforcement track down a stolen car, but does LoJack lower car insurance? The truth is many auto insurance companies offer car insurance discounts to their policyholders who install LoJack, directly impacting comprehensive insurance premiums.

Insurers will ask for a certificate or other proof to show that your vehicle has a LoJack system. Some car insurance companies will extend those same discounts to other active and passive alarms, or a different anti-theft system. Insurance providers may offer you a reduced auto insurance quote through a price comparison tool. This allows you to save with LoJack or anti-theft discounts with new vehicles and even some older models.

Take Advantage of Discounts


Beyond anti-theft device discounts, there is a litany of ways for drivers to save on their monthly premiums. The most commonly available discount is a safe driving discount, rewarding drivers who avoid filing claims as well as moving violations with a good driver discount. Car insurance companies may increase rates based on who is on the auto policy. Teenage drivers and older drivers are considered high-risk, but younger people can score a good student discount to lower their premiums with good work in the classroom. Older drivers can acquire discounts by attending a defensive driving course.

Sometimes the best deal is acquired by having multiple lines of insurance coverage with a single carrier. A bundle not only saves on premiums but keeps everything from life insurance to homeowners’ insurance under one umbrella plan. You should check for your eligibility for just about any discount that is accessible through your car insurance company. This can range from your affiliation with a group or your line of employment. Don’t hesitate to comb through your insurance quote, while also reaching out to your insurance agent for any other potential rebates.

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